More Matt Google SEO Videos: Google Terminology & More

Matt Cutts from Google released two more videos, as part of his SEO questions on video collection. These two new videos are:

Does Webspam use Google Analytics? – 5 minutes and 11 seconds

– Does Google Analytics play a part in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)?
– When does Google detect duplicate content, and how wide is the range?
– I want to mark my page as porn in SafeSearch–what do you recommend?
– Is it okay to make hyperlinks in option elements?

Google Terminology – 4 minutes and 40 seconds

– What’s the difference between an index update, an algorithm update, and a data refresh?
– I also discuss these definitions in terms of June/July 27th as much as I can.

Postscript From Danny: On Google Analytics, Matt says that this data is not used for web spam detection purposes and to the best of his knowledge, not by others in Google. However, I recently asked Google for clarification on this, in the wake of them NOT excluding the possibility that Google Checkout data might be used for a variety of purposes. I’ve yet to get a response back. At this point, my assumption is that while Google is probably using things like Google Toolbar data and Google Analytics data in ways beyond just reporting information back to the individual users.

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