Search Headlines & Links: August 2, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Search Marketers Often Don’t Track All Referring Conversions
    ClickZ reports on a 360i and SearchIgnite study that shows that search marketers do not look at all “assists,” instead they primarily look at the last referring click that lead to the conversion. Here are some highlights of the report:…
  • What Is ‘Photosynth’?
    The first official project/product from Microsoft’s Live Labs is called “Photosynth.” What is it? It’s hard to describe succinctly. It appears to be kind of mashup of things: photo sharing, visual search, mapping and 3-D. To me, at least conceptually, it’s pretty exciting. Here’s a video overview from Microsoft. (The video is something of a commercial for Live Labs, but also showcases Photosynth as a very provocative product.)…
  • Starts Google Videos At A Specific Point In Time
    The Google Video blog announced a new feature that allows you to start your Google videos at a specific point in time. This comes in handy when you want to break out your large video into specific chapters or like a FAQs page. More details on the “how do I implement this feature” at the Google Video Blog….
  • USA Today Gets A Hold Of Danny Sullivan
    Want to take a look at the past, present and future of our admired Founder and editor-in-chief of Search Engine Watch, Danny Sullivan? Well, today, USA Today released a little write up named Got a search engine question? Ask Mr. Sullivan. The article goes a bit into Danny’s reputation in this industry, it reviews how he got into Search Engine Watch, discusses any regrets (none) selling Search Engine Watch and possibly offers some insight into the future of Danny and Search Engine Watch. Read the article at USA Today….
  • More Matt Google SEO Videos: Google Terminology & More
    Matt Cutts from Google released two more videos, as part of his SEO questions on video collection. These two new videos are:…
  • & Bloglines Proposes Blog Search Exclusion Tag
    TechCrunch reports that & Bloglines has released a new tag that can be added to your feeds named access:restriction. The tag will tell and Bloglines that this content is private and you do not want it included in the or Bloglines blog search engines. The goal is for other rss search engines, from blogs, news, pictures, movies and so on, do make this a standard. More details at Bloglines….
  • Releases ISBN Number Smart Answers
    Gary Price notes that has added support for ISBN number searches. For example, conduct a search on 091096551X, which is the book Gary Price and Chris Sherman wrote, you should notice an image of the book and a link to compare prices. This is a neat feature, but I should note that entering in the same ISBN number at Yahoo Search gives you a Yahoo Shortcut that takes you to comparison shopping in the Yahoo Network. It was a nice feature for to add….
  • July 2006 Search News Recap Posted
    The latest edition of my monthly Search Engine Report newsletter is now online, recapping top stories in search from the past month. You can read it online or receive it via email for free by signing up here. If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine Update newsletter has also been posted. That newsletter carries more items than the Search Engine Report newsletter and goes out twice per month….
  • MSN Search Hires Media Analytics Executive
    ClickZ reports that Microsoft has hired Harrison Magun away from Avenue A/Razorfish Search to be the new director of media analytics. Harrison Magun direct role at Microsoft is not exactly known, “Microsoft spokesperson was able to confirm the hire, but could not provide any details on what Magun’s new position will entail.”…
  • Daily SearchCast, August 1, 2006: Search & Top Global Brands, NASDQ Error Drops Google Price By Over $300 Temporarily; Google’s Matt Cutts Does Video Answers & More!
    Today’s search podcast covers top search brands and how they do in the BusinessWeek top 100 global brands; a NASDAQ area sends Google’s stock price tumbling by over $300 in after hours trading, due to a glitch; Google’s Matt Cutts tries video blogging to answer webmaster ranking and indexing questions and more! SearchReturn editor Detlev Johnson sat in for Danny Sullivan, who is away this week. Tune-in by listening to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our Odeo channel or through iTunes via this link (or use alternative…
  • Google Signs Deal With XM Radios To Distribute Ads In Satellite Radio Spots
    Reuters reports that Google is in an ad deal with XM Radio. The deal was reached today, which will allow Google’s “advertisers to automatically insert ads on the radio company’s nonmusic channels.” They expect the functionality of this deal to come to AdWords customers in the 4th quarter of this year….
  • Travelers Aid for Air Warriors
    I spend a ton of time flying around the world, and I’ve learned a number of tricks and techniques to make air travel, if not exactly more glamorous, at least more bearable. In today’s SearchDay article, Search Tools for Air Travellers, I take a look at some of my favorite web sites that provide useful help before and after hitting the online travel search engines….
  • New Search Patent Applications: August 1, 2006 – Microsoft Answers?
    There are a number of new patent applications from Yahoo, including one that utilizes concept networks to understand the intention behind a user’s query; another describing an addition to a user interface that lets a searcher define the context of a search; an API approach to retrieve information from fast changing dynamic sites such as job listing sites, news site personals, or online auction sites; a way to use the contents of a first set of results from the search engine to find relevant pages from a second set of results, including both paid and organic results; a process of…

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