Lycos Revamps Email Offering

Lycos mail has been revamped. Storage has been increased to 3 gigabytes (up from 5 megabytes) and file attachments of any size are now allowed. The company is keen to encourage users to swop and move large media files around to support moves to focus a comeback (it’s currently the 24th most popular website network in the US) on broadband entertainment content. The free version is ad sponsored, but Lycos is also offering two other commercial options to provide users with account preservation and advert removal.

I can’t help but think they’re a bit late into the game, and feel that they’re going to be disappointed if they are hoping this is going to radically increase their user base. Having an account that self destructs in a month if a user doesn’t log in also doesn’t lead to confidence; old hands are used to this idea, but since Lycos is trying to attract new internet users they’re not going to be familiar with this concept and there may be tears before bedtime.

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