Rollyo Adds More Functionality

The roll your own search resource Rollyo adds more functionality to its services. If Rollyo has slipped under your radar it’s a resource that allows you to create your own personalized search engine (hence ‘roll your own’) that will search up to 25 sites that you specify. They’ve improved layout, added blog search, added the ability to take an existing Searchroll and edit it to your own taste and added a ‘Rollbar’. The latter allows searchers to incorporate Rollyo into the browser to search any site, add sites to existing Searchrolls on the fly and create new ones based on the site you’re on at that point.

Lots of improvements – particularly with the Rollbar, since my use of Rollyo was always limited in inverse proportion to my laziness – I simply couldn’t get around to editing my Searchrolls often enough to make them useful. This looks like it should overcome that particular problem. Looking good!

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