Search Headlines & Links: August 3, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
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From The SEW Blog…

  • Find ‘Nearby Stores’ With Become
    There’s lots of data from many sources that reflects the dominant consumer shopping paradigm involving the Internet: research online, buy locally. Even though e-commerce, excluding Travel, will approach $150 billion this year, according to Forrester Research, that’s a small fraction of offline spending. But more and more of that offline buying is influenced in one way or another by the Internet. Among the shopping engines, ShopLocal and Froogle offer local buying information. CNET also has some local inventory information (via Channel Intelligence). Now has joined that illustrious group with a new “nearby stores” feature….
  • A Multimedia Search Marketing Course
    Want to learn search marketing through a guided, professionally produced CD ROM based course? A new offering from respected search marketer and SES speaker Catherine Seda might be right for you. I’ve got more information on Cat’s new offering in today’s SearchDay article, Learning Search Marketing via Multimedia….
  • Rollyo Adds More Functionality
    The roll your own search resource Rollyo adds more functionality to its services. If Rollyo has slipped under your radar it’s a resource that allows you to create your own personalized search engine (hence ‘roll your own’) that will search up to 25 sites that you specify. They’ve improved layout, added blog search, added the ability to take an existing Searchroll and edit it to your own taste and added a ‘Rollbar’. The latter allows searchers to incorporate Rollyo into the browser to search any site, add sites to existing Searchrolls on the fly and create new ones based on…
  • Eric Schmidt Asks Photos Of Him & Wife To Be Kept Private
    The Boston Herald reports that while Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, was at the Circus Flora in Nantucket, he asked reporters not to take or distribute pictures of him and his wife. Marie-Claire Rochat sent an email to “the island media” stating; “One couple has requested that no photographs of them be published – Wendy and Eric Schmidt. It is, of course, important that we respect their wishes.” The article then mocks Eric Schmidt for this request being that he was so upset with for publishing Schmidt’s personal info that was found on Google. Schmidt was so upset, that Google…
  • Daily SearchCast, August 2, 2006: Google To Put Advertisers On XM Radio; Bloglines Develops Feed Exclusion Tag; More Matt Cutts SEO Tips Videos & More!
    Today’s search podcast covers Google to put radio ads from advertisers on XM Radio; Bloglines develops a way to block RSS feeds from being indexed; Google’s Matt Cutts does more video blogging to answer webmaster ranking and indexing questions and more! SearchReturn editor Detlev Johnson sat in for Danny Sullivan, who is away this week. Tune-in by listening to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our Odeo channel or through iTunes via this link (or use alternative iTunes instructions explained here) or though our Yahoo Podcasts channel. Need…
  • The Concept Of A “Perfectly Optimized Page”
    Aaron Wall at SEO Book has an excellent and thought provoking write up named The Myth of a Perfectly Optimized Page. He discusses how he gets request from folks for him to review a page or two and to let the person know how “perfectly optimized” that page is. Aaron then explains how optimization is not just about keyword density or links, but that each page has a goal. Based on that goal, optimization tactics and strategies will change….
  • Google Reaches 60% Search Market Share
    Bill Tancer posted over at his Hitwise blog data that shows Google has broke the 60% market share as of 7/29/06. Google has 60.2% search volume market share up from 59.3% in June, Yahoo has 22.5% share up from 22.0% and MSN has 11.8% share down from 12.1%. Bill will be on the Search Engine Landscape Panel at SES San Jose this Monday with more stats for us….
  • Use Frequency Of Google Products Survey
    Philipp Lenssen is conducting an online survey asking you How Often Do You Use These Google Products? The products range from Google Web Search to Google Video, from Froogle Mobile to Google Mars and from Google Writely to Google Ride Finder. You can rate your frequency of use for each product on a six-point scale; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, never but I know it, never and never heard of it. I completed the survey, afterward; it shows you a graphical, real time representation of all the responses. I assume Philipp will be providing a final roundup of numbers when the…
  • Reminder: AdWords Claim in Click Fraud Settlement Due Tomorrow
    The approved click fraud settlement requires that you submit your claim at before the end of the day tomorrow, August 4th, 2006. So this is your chance, if, I repeat, IF, you want to be a part of this settlement. I have reported on the discussion forum coverage of this settlement, where AdWords advertisers have questions about the settlement, but you can also get more details at the FAQs page….
  • Lycos Revamps Email Offering
    Lycos mail has been revamped. Storage has been increased to 3 gigabytes (up from 5 megabytes) and file attachments of any size are now allowed. The company is keen to encourage users to swop and move large media files around to support moves to focus a comeback (it’s currently the 24th most popular website network in the US) on broadband entertainment content. The free version is ad sponsored, but Lycos is also offering two other commercial options to provide users with account preservation and advert removal. I can’t help but think they’re a bit late into the game, and feel…
  • Industry Groups, Search Engines To Develop Click Fraud Guidelines
    Google, Yahoo and others team up against click fraud from covers The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Media Rating Council partnering with Ask, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others to form the @Click Measurement Working Group.@ Says The group’s mission is to establish guidelines for what constitutes valid clicks and invalid clicks on ads. Guidelines can help the industry measure how prevalent click fraud really is. Third-parties who sell click-fraud combating services to advertisers claim that click fraud rates are as high as 30 percent. Google and Yahoo counter that click fraud rates are minimal. Postscript: Google has a…
  • Google Negotiating With University Of California On Book Search
    UC May Join Google’s Library Project from the Los Angeles Times covers news that Google may enter into an agreement with the University of California to scan library content for the Google Book Search service….
  • Google-AP Deal Not Pay-Per-Click & Some Further Details
    As it happens, I was at Google yesterday when the story came out about the financial agreement between Google and the Associated Press over the use of AP content. That story raised a number of questions, and here are some answers I can share so far from Google….

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