Search Headlines & Links: August 4, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • SES Local Edition Speaking Openings Posted
    Interested in speaking at our first SES Local Edition conference in Denver on September 28th? The show focuses exclusively on local search marketing, and we’ve already got a great lineup of speakers, including representatives of the major local search services and online yellow pages groups, as well as some expert search marketers with lots of experience in local search marketing. Want to join us and share your expertise? Check out the speaking openings, read the guidelines carefully, and send me your pitch. Openings are limited, so act soon to let me know you’re interested….
  • AOL Video Portal Is Live Today
    There’s lots of news coming out of AOL this week: free email, free phone numbers, layoffs . . . Earlier in the week the new AOL video portal was announced. Today it’s live. It contains a mix of free and paid content. Video search is powered by AOL’s Truveo and Singing Fish engines. It also claims to allow full-screen viewing without degrading resolution. According to Hitwise, AOL has the sixth most popular video destination online behind YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo! Video Search, MSN Video Search, Google Video. Check it out and see how it compares….
  • Google Web Category Links Get Overhaul
    I just posted over at Search Engine Roundtable and it was posted early at Ogletree, that Google has changed the interface for Google web categories links. Yesterday, a search on a search phrase that brought out the web categories, such as a search on Google for yahoo, you would have seen horizontal listing of the categories, as opposed to the vertical listings you now see. Google began testing this on May 1st and it appears it is now live for all to see. Want to see the before and after? Before here and after here….
  • Search Forums Roundup: Aug. 4, 2006
    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: The Official SES San Jose 2006 Conference Thread – Would You Tell Just One Secret? – AdSense Bad For Your Business – Yahoo! Launches A New Slurp Crawler, and more….
  • Google Talk WiFi Phone Coming Soon?
    Engadget reports that Taiwan’s Alpha Networks is creating a WiFi phone that works over the Google Talk network. Alpha Networks told Engadget that they are just waiting for the “clients’ product roadmaps.” Not sure what that means, but it seems like a WiFi Google Talk phone will be here in the near future….
  • More Chinese Military Secrets Found With Google Earth
    The United Press International reports that another Chinese military secret was found with Google Earth. A German man zoomed into what appeared to be “miniature replica of China’s disputed border region with India,” and thought he spotted a secret Chinese military base. UPI says what was reported, as military tanks cannot be, since the terrain is not suitable for tanks….
  • Get Your Network Badge
    The Yahoo Search Blog announced a new feature that makes it easier for people to connect and share bookmarks. The feature is named Network Badges, they basically shows others “your user name on with a link to your bookmarks, how many people you have in your network, how many fans you have, as well as a link others can use to easily add you to their own networks.”…
  • Searching For Other Search Engines At Search Engines
    Yesterday, I thought I discovered Yahoo stealing searching from Google, but I did not, Rand discovered it. Basically, if you do a search on Yahoo for google, Yahoo puts up a Yahoo Shortcut asking you “Want to search the Web?” with Yahoo? Is this fair? Is this respectable? Who cares… But is this relevant?…
  • Google Grabs Former “Time” President As Head Of Ad Sales
    MarketingVox reports on AdAge scoop where Google has hired Eileen Naughton, former president of Time magazine, to be the “head of ad sales” in the New York office. Her responsibility will be to improve Google’s reputation and ties with the Madison Avenue folks. Eileen Naughton will begin working at Google in several months….
  • Google Provides Warnings Of Potentially Hazardous Search Results
    Philipp Lenssen found a Google Systems post that discovered Google now provides an intermediary page, for some search results, informing you that the result you clicked on may “harm your computer.” You can see this intermediary page for yourself by clicking here, it looks like Google is calling it an interstitial page. Why even list the site in the search results if they may be harmful to your computer? Well, the key terms are “may be harmful,” so let the user decide. I wonder if these potentially risky pages get some sort of downgrade in rankings?…
  • Gary Price, Former SEW News Editor Gets Engaged!
    I am honored to bring you the news that Gary Price has plans to get married to his long time girlfriend, Lisa. Gary Price was the news editor here at Search Engine Watch and left on February 9, 2006 to work at Gary continues to run ResourceShelf and DocuTicker while holding the title Director of Online Information Resources at It is worth noting that Gary has worked with Danny and Chris for years. He wrote the The Invisible Web with Chris Sherman. Bottom line, Gary has given so much to our industry, mostly behind the scenes and…

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