Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2006 – Day One

This morning, when walking towards the conference area, you can smell the excitement in the air for this SES event. San Jose is believed to be the SES event of the year. The conference center is very fitting for the event, the distance from the hotel lobby is very close, the rooms are large enough to fit the large crowds and the search engine companies live just around the corner. Today, the volunteers are the Search Engine Roundtable provided next to real time coverage of the event. Below are links to the 14 sessions Benjamin Pfeiffer, Chris Boggs, Lee Odden and I covered during the day.

+ Social Search Overview: Yahoo!, Windows Live & Eurekster
+ Compare & Contrast: Ad Program Strategies
+ Searcher Behavior Research Update
+ Social Search: Up Close With Yahoo!
+ Leveraging Social Media (MySpace, YouTube, & Other Social Networks)
+ Does Demographic Targeting Matter?
+ Social Search: Up Close With Google (Google Co-op)
+ Communicating With Customers
+ Searchonomics: Serious & Fun Stats
+ Search and Branding
+ SEM Via Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging
+ The Search Laboratories
+ Domaining & Address Bar Driven Traffic

I have also posted my images under the sessanjose06 tag at Flickr.

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