Yelp Now Mobile With Help From Palm

Yelp Mobile is now live. The site is optimized for the Treo but works on any web-enabled phone. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman said that the idea originated with Palm, which approached Yelp and wanted to create a mobile version of the site for the Treo. The new site ( is co-branded with Palm.

Palm believes that this will be something of a differentiator for the Treo. Palm’s marketing VP Page Murray said in the press release, “Fast access to Yelp’s trusted and insightful reviews will help accelerate user adoption and engagement with Treo smartphone web-based services.”

The new Yelp Mobile allows for searching and browsing by category and neighborhood and delivers Yelp’s valuable user reviews of local businesses. There’s an average star rating that appears at the listing level, but users can also drill down and see the full range and text of user comments. Currently there are no ads in Yelp Mobile.

There’s no GPS or triangulated location awareness. But users can input an intersection or address and narrow or expand the search radius (1, 3, 5, 10 miles, etc.) from where they are or where they’re going.

Yelp doesn’t have an SMS application currently but may develop one in the future.

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