Googlers Go For Pizza Stunt

Feeding Google – Better than Pirates of the Caribbean
is a video over at
YouTube where start-up CambrianHouse
decides to attract attention by delivering 1,000 pizzas to the Googleplex in
Mountain View. Will the Googlers go for it? Yes, they do.

Will security stop the
feeding frenzy? Eventually, but only after the Google chefs come out of the
cafeteria to call them in. To be fair to security, from what I can tell, CambrianHouse seems to have set up in a side parking lot rather than in the
middle of the Googleplex. I think that would have got security out faster.

Anyway, got better things to do than watch the video? Sure. But it’s still kind
of funny. More from CambrianHouse

. Can’t be bothered to click on the link above to see the video? Fine —
watch it embedded below:

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