Google Hires Linux Coder, Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton, well known in the Linux world for coding under Linus Torvalds, has been hired to work at Google, reports Linus commented about the job in a message board posting on Aug 6th. Andrew will continue working on Linux, but Google will be paying him to do so.

“In my position as kernel maintainer I feel that I should not be employed by a company which has a direct interest in the kernel because this would put me in a position of making decisions which are commercially significant to my employer’s competitors,” Morton explained. “As Google maintains their own kernel variant for internal use, their interests are largely decoupled from what happens in the kernel.”

Google’s active use of Linux and participation in open source development was another big draw. “It is beneficial to me (and to Linux) that I be in day-to-day contact with people who use Linux for real things. Hence Google is a good all-round fit,” Morton added.

More details at Linux Today.

Does this mean a Google OS is coming soon? Well, that may be far fetched. Google is known to write their own kernels for their servers, to best tweak the performance out of them.

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