Rand & I Rank The Best Search Blogs

Rand at SEOMoz posted his Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space, which encouraged me to finally post my list of the Search Blogs Am I Most Likely To Read In More Detail at my personal blog. Rand ranks this blog as number one on his list and then ranks my blog, the Search Engine Roundtable as number two on his list. I also ranked this blog as number one of my most ‘click-through blog’ on my list, followed by Google Blogoscoped, which I often cite here. These two lists, I believe make up a great portion of the most important search blogs you should read. Of course, it is possible Rand and I missed some – who knows, maybe Danny will come out with his ranked list?

Since I do not like to often express controversial or personal opinion on these blogs, I posted how I would change Rand’s ranking order over here. When ranking my own list, I did not reference Rand’s list, instead, I referenced my list of 76 search blogs I subscribe to. In addition, you can find a nice blogroll of search related blogs that Danny compiled, on the left hand side of this site, after clicking here.

So in short, you can find some excellent blogs in rank order at:
(1) SEOMoz
(2) Cartoon Barry

And a nice listing of blogs that Danny complied but did not rank on the left hand side of this blog’s home page, here.

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