Beam Them Engineers Up, Google

Google’s boldly going where no one has gone before….in search of engineers
at the 5th Annual Official
Star Trek Convention
next week in Las Vegas. Google’s going to have a booth
and presence at the event, I’m told by a friend who knows. Apparently, many of
Google’s engineers already attend Trek conventions, so it’s fertile recruiting
ground. So far, I see nothing about Google on the convention site. But Google
Operating System

yesterday how Google SketchUp is already doing a


Have fun at the con, anyone who’s going. Wish it were me! Of course, going to
WorldCon in LA (ahem, actually Anaheim in
beautiful Orange County) later this month would be nice. My first and only one
was in Anaheim back in 1984. Too long, too long. Hey, how about
Battlestar Galactica Con?
Heck, I’d be happy with Xena
(though Gabrielle Con would be better).

Postscript: Google’s got a post up now about the recruitment drive there


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