Aug. 17, 2006 Search News Forecast: Mostly Sunny


Today, a new feature, our daily search news forecast. I can’t say we’ll do
this everyday, but we thought it might be fun. After reviewing
Techmeme, scanning my over 100 feeds and
consulting with Barry Schwartz on search forums activity, the official
Search Engine Watch Blog
forecast for search news today is mostly sunny.

Mostly sunny means that you can expect some news, but probably nothing major
and a downpour of items is unlikely. In other words, it’s a good day to go
outside or get actual work done, rather than reading about search.

Remember, predicting search news is never perfectly accurate, and search
weather can change unexpectedly. Stay tuned to the Search Engine Watch Blog, and
we’ll keep you updated on weather changes throughout the day. Icon borrowed from
Yahoo Weather, with hopes a link to them
will make them happy.

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