Daily SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features; Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers & More!

Today’s search podcast covers finding search news via top search blogs;
Google launches free WiFi; GoogleTalk gets new features; Google Analytics opens
to all; time to file in Yahoo’s class action settlement on click fraud; Star
Trekkin’ for Google Engineers and more!

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  • Renewing Our US Passports At The US Embassy In London

  • Remembering Nice Things About London, Such As The London Eye
  • Aug. 17,
    2006 Search News Forecast: Mostly Sunny

    Today, a new feature, our daily search news forecast. I can’t say we’ll do
    this everyday, but we thought it might be fun. After reviewing Techmeme,
    scanning my over 100 feeds and consulting with Barry Schwartz on search forums
    activity, the official Search Engine Watch Blog forecast for search news today
    is mostly sunny. Mostly sunny means that you can expect some news, but
    probably nothing major and a downpour of items is unlikely. In other words,
    it’s a good day to go outside or get actual work done, rather than reading
    about search. Remember, predicting search news is…
  • Rand & I
    Rank The Best Search Blogs

    Rand at SEOMoz posted his Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space, which
    encouraged me to finally post my list of the Search Blogs Am I Most Likely To
    Read In More Detail at my personal blog. Rand ranks this blog as number one on
    his list and then ranks my blog, the Search Engine Roundtable as number two on
    his list. I also ranked this blog as number one of my most ‘click-through
    blog’ on my list, followed by Google Blogoscoped, which I often cite here.
    These two lists, I believe make up a great portion of the…
  • The
    Inside Scoop from Search Bloggers

    The major search engines all have unofficial bloggers talking about what’s
    going on in their respective companies. At a recent SES session, search-blog
    stars Jeremy Zawodny, Gary Price, Matt Cutts and Niall Kennedy all revealed
    their modus operandi, and guest writer Sara Holoubek was there to capture
    their insights for today’s SearchDay article, Expose: Search Engine Bloggers
    Tell All….
  • SES San Jose
    2006 Recap

    Couldn’t make it to last week’s monster Search Engine Strategies show in
    San Jose? Well, maybe next time! In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of
    coverage from across the web, even somewhat organized into topic areas. Our
    San Jose show is always tough for me, as I arrive a week earlier to visit with
    the various major search engines out there. That means two weeks of news and
    email to dig out from, since you can never get it all done on the road. All
    that digging out means I know I don’t have everything listed below. But
  • 101 Ways To
    Build Links & Popularity

    Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall have compiled a list of 101 Ways to Build Link
    Popularity in 2006. I will not attempt to summarize all 101 tactics here,
    check out the list at SEO Book….

  • What’s the Big Deal With Social Search?
    , SearchDay
  • A Guide to
    Social Search Players

    In yesterday’s SearchDay article, What’s the Big Deal With Social Search?,
    I looked at some of the pros and cons of adding human influences to
    algorithmic search results. In today’s SearchDay article, Who’s Who in Social
    Search, I map out the various approaches to social search and offer links to
    some of the key players in human-mediated search….
  • Google WiFi
    Hits Mountain View For Free

    Google is providing a free WiFi network under “GoogleWifi” (802.11b/g) in
    Mountain View, CA. Anyone can use it, including business, visitors and the
    72,000+ residents. You must sign into the network with your Google Account, it
    is not fully public in that sense, but anyone can register for access. Ready
    to get started using GoogleWifi? There are more details on the “how to” at
    http://wifi.google.com/support and at the Google Blog. I believe this is the
    first of many cities that Google will be providing free Wifi access to….
  • Google
    Talk Gains Voicemail, Music Status, Photo & File Sharing Features

    Google has announced that its Google Talk instant messaging platform now
    allows you to share files with other Google Talk users by dropping files or
    entire folders into the client. Photo files get special treatment, showing up
    in your client so you can talk about them with someone else, as covered more
    here. Listening to music? Another new feature, music status, allows other
    Google Talkers to see what hip (or embarrassing) song you’re listening to, if
    you use one of these supported players. Along with music status comes a new
    Google Music Trends feature we mentioned earlier, which allows you…
  • Google
    Released Trends For Google Music

    Garett Rogers spotted the release of Google Music Trends. The Google Labs
    has it listed and described as “See what music is popular among Google Talk
    users,” it is basically, “Google Trends” for music. You can currently filter
    by music genre, and there is a country filter, but I only see the United
    States as an option. I am a classic rock fan, so it is cool to see the trends
    for that genre. As Garett notes, the participate link at the top right,
    currently does not go anywhere….

  • Shawn Hogan, Hero
    , Wired
  • Google
    Analytics Opens to Everyone – No Invitation Required

    Google announced today that the popular Google Analytics is now instantly
    available to the public. No more waiting for invitation codes. Anyone with a
    website can now install the website tracking tool by directly signing up at
    the Google Analytics homepage,
    or by clicking through the “Analytics” tab in any Google AdWords account.
  • More than
    Organizing Photos? Google Acquires Neven Vision

    Adrian Graham, Picasa’s Product Manager, made a post Tuesday morning on the
    Official Google Blog titled A better way to organize photos? in which he
    announced that the team at Neven Vision has now joined Google. His post tells
    us that Neven Vision’s software will make it easier for people to find and
    organize their photos. But, is there more to the purchase? Looking around some
    blogs that discussed the acquisition holds hints to possibily more….
  • Google
    AdSense Prompts Ad Viewers to Download Third Party Applications

    When you visit a site with Google AdSense ads, you would hardly expect the ads
    to trigger an auto-install prompt window to download various third party
    applications such as Flash, Quicktime and Adobe Acrobat. But that is just what
    the AdSense javascript was trying to make Internet Explorer users do when they
    viewed a page with AdSense ads on it….
  • Orkut
    Causing Trouble In Brazil Again

    Komfie Manalo reports that Brazil has threatened to bring Google to court
    over their social networking application, Orkut, again. Yesterday, the Federal
    Prosecution Service of Brazil, said Google refused “to cooperate with
    authorities about user information” on Orkut. Google said in the past that
    they would work with Brazilian officials to shut down Orkut communities that
    were participating and helping criminals traffic drugs and distribute
    pedophilia. Google says they have cooperated with Brazilian authorities,
    stating, they have “provided information to eight investigations, and kept
    secret information regarding 60 other cases since June.”…
  • Human
    Rights Group & UK House of Commons Demand Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft To Stop

    Earlier this week, GameShout.com published an article reporting that Human
    Rights Watch group in New York told Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to be upfront
    with their users about the censorship and stand up to the political pressure
    China places on them. The quote says it all pretty strongly, “It was ironic
    that companies whose existence depends on freedom of information and
    expression have taken on the role of censor, even in cases where the Chinese
    government makes no specific demands for them to do so.” The Inquirer soon
    after reported that the committee in the UK House of Commons has…
  • Former
    Yahoo China Head Sues Yahoo For Defamation

    Reuters reports that Zhou Hongyi, the former head of Yahoo China, has sued
    Yahoo for defamation. Yahoo said they were about to sue Zhou Hongyi for
    “unethical business practices.” Hongyi has a 40 percent stake in Alibaba.com,
    which was bought by Yahoo for $1 billion last year. To me, it seems like from
    the article, that Yahoo finds Hongyi to be a shady character, and Hongyi
    doesn’t like Yahoo telling the public how they feel about him….
  • Yahoo Class
    Action Settlement Information Released

    Details of the Yahoo class action settlement have been posted at
    checkmatesettlement.com. What you need to know right now is: (1) You have
    until October 14, 2006 to submit a written statement requesting exclusion from
    the Class (specific guidelines are enclosed in the notice), if you want to be
    excluded from the class. (2) You have until November 20, 2006 to download the
    “Assertion of Right to Participate in Additional Claims Review Process Form”
    from this site and submit it by registered or certified mail, if you want to
    participate in the class and participate in the claims review process….
  • Yahoo
    Releases Yahoo Answers API

    The Yahoo Search Blog announced the release of the Yahoo Answers API. The
    API will allow developers to pull questions from the Yahoo Answers database by
    search, category, and user. You can even get the answers for those questions.
    More details at http://developer.yahoo.com/answers/….
  • Yahoo
    Partners With Go2 For Mobile Search Ads

    Forbes reports that Yahoo has signed an agreement with Go2, a mobile Yellow
    Page directory service, to offer Yahoo sponsored search listings on the search
    results displayed on the mobile Go2 results. The Wall Street Journal has a
    bigger write up on cell phones and ads, stating, “some of the largest wireless
    companies in the U.S. are starting to allow advertising on their cell phone
    networks.” But don’t worry, “no major carrier is talking about displaying ads
    on home pages or while customers are making calls.” You will most likely see
    ad integration in the form of the Yahoo &…
  • Ask.com
    Adds DVD & TV Data To Movie Smart Answers

    The Ask.com Blog announced an upgrade to their movie Smart Answer feature that
    adds DVD purchase information and TV data. Here is a brief summary of the blog
  • Beam Them
    Engineers Up, Google

    Google’s boldly going where no one has gone before….in search of
    engineers at the 5th Annual Official Star Trek Convention next week in Las
    Vegas. Google’s going to have a booth and presence at the event, I’m told by a
    friend who knows. Apparently, many of Google’s engineers already attend Trek
    conventions, so it’s fertile recruiting ground. So far, I see nothing about
    Google on the convention site. But Google Operating System noted yesterday how
    Google SketchUp is already doing a cross-promotion. Have fun at the con,
    anyone who’s going. Wish it were me! Of course, going to WorldCon in…

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