Search Headlines & Links: August 17, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • So Long
    Daypop & Blogdex

    Back in 2003, I wrote about a number of blog search engines emerging at that
    time. Feedster was brand new and Technorati still pretty young. Both were
    babies compared to Daypop and Blogdex. Sadly, Gary Price over at ResourceShelf
    notes in A Brief Tribute to Dan Chan, Daypop, and MIT’s Blogdex that neither
    of these pioneering services has made it to 2006….
  • Seevast:
    It’s Kanoodle & More

    Catching up on some industry news earlier this month, Kanoodle has done some
    restructuring. Previously, Kanoodle offered both search and contextual ads.
    Now, Kanoodle only offers search ads. Contextual ads are being sold through a
    sister business unit, Pulse 360. Meanwhile, the Moniker domain traffic service
    has been acquired and will run as a third sister business. Above all of these
    is a new operating company, Seevast. For more, see this ClickZ story: Kanoodle
    Makes Acquisition, Becomes Seevast….
  • Daily
    SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features;
    Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers &

    Today’s search podcast covers finding search news via top search blogs; Google
    launches free WiFi; GoogleTalk gets new features; Google Analytics opens to
    all; time to file in Yahoo’s class action settlement on click fraud; Star
    Trekkin’ for Google Engineers and more!
  • Google
    AdSense Prompts Ad Viewers to Download Third Party Applications

    When you visit a site with Google AdSense ads, you would hardly expect the ads
    to trigger an auto-install prompt window to download various third party
    applications such as Flash, Quicktime and Adobe Acrobat. But that is just what
    the AdSense javascript was trying to make Internet Explorer users do when they
    viewed a page with AdSense ads on it….
  • Human
    Rights Group & UK House of Commons Demand Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft To Stop

    Earlier this week, published an article reporting that Human
    Rights Watch group in New York told Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to be upfront
    with their users about the censorship and stand up to the political pressure
    China places on them. The quote says it all pretty strongly, “It was ironic
    that companies whose existence depends on freedom of information and
    expression have taken on the role of censor, even in cases where the Chinese
    government makes no specific demands for them to do so.” The Inquirer soon
    after reported that the committee in the UK House of Commons has…
    Adds DVD & TV Data To Movie Smart Answers

    The Blog announced an upgrade to their movie Smart Answer feature that
    adds DVD purchase information and TV data. Here is a brief summary of the blog
  • Former
    Yahoo China Head Sues Yahoo For Defamation

    Reuters reports that Zhou Hongyi, the former head of Yahoo China, has sued
    Yahoo for defamation. Yahoo said they were about to sue Zhou Hongyi for
    “unethical business practices.” Hongyi has a 40 percent stake in,
    which was bought by Yahoo for $1 billion last year. To me, it seems like from
    the article, that Yahoo finds Hongyi to be a shady character, and Hongyi
    doesn’t like Yahoo telling the public how they feel about him….
  • Aug. 17,
    2006 Search News Forecast: Mostly Sunny

    Today, a new feature, our daily search news forecast. I can’t say we’ll do
    this everyday, but we thought it might be fun. After reviewing Techmeme,
    scanning my over 100 feeds and consulting with Barry Schwartz on search forums
    activity, the official Search Engine Watch Blog forecast for search news today
    is mostly sunny. Mostly sunny means that you can expect some news, but
    probably nothing major and a downpour of items is unlikely. In other words,
    it’s a good day to go outside or get actual work done, rather than reading
    about search. Remember, predicting search news is…
  • Google
    Talk Gains Voicemail, Music Status, Photo & File Sharing Features

    Google has announced that its Google Talk instant messaging platform now
    allows you to share files with other Google Talk users by dropping files or
    entire folders into the client. Photo files get special treatment, showing up
    in your client so you can talk about them with someone else, as covered more
    here. Listening to music? Another new feature, music status, allows other
    Google Talkers to see what hip (or embarrassing) song you’re listening to, if
    you use one of these supported players. Along with music status comes a new
    Google Music Trends feature we mentioned earlier, which allows you…
  • The
    Inside Scoop from Search Bloggers

    The major search engines all have unofficial bloggers talking about what’s
    going on in their respective companies. At a recent SES session, search-blog
    stars Jeremy Zawodny, Gary Price, Matt Cutts and Niall Kennedy all revealed
    their modus operandi, and guest writer Sara Holoubek was there to capture
    their insights for today’s SearchDay article, Expose: Search Engine Bloggers
    Tell All….
  • Google
    Released Trends For Google Music

    Garett Rogers spotted the release of Google Music Trends. The Google Labs
    has it listed and described as “See what music is popular among Google Talk
    users,” it is basically, “Google Trends” for music. You can currently filter
    by music genre, and there is a country filter, but I only see the United
    States as an option. I am a classic rock fan, so it is cool to see the trends
    for that genre. As Garett notes, the participate link at the top right,
    currently does not go anywhere….

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