More On Google’s Warp Speed Run Into The Star Trek Convention

I wrote
about how Google was going to be hunting for engineers at the
5th Annual Official Star Trek
this week in Las Vegas. Now more news about that and more.

The company’s put out a
press release about
taking part in the show and set up a
special site
for Star Trek fans. Don’t get too excited. The site has little to do with Star
Trek and a lot more to do with promoting how developers can now put geo-location
files (KML) on mobile phones. Way down at the bottom of the page are links to
plot sci-fi related locations on Google Maps (see them

) or Google Earth.

Much cooler is an AFP article,

Google builds bridge at Star Trek cult convention
, about how Google’s booth
will feature a mockup of the Enterprise bridge (TOS, probably, rather than TNG
or STE. Don’t know the acronyms? Then you don’t care which bridge it is). The
main viewer will access Google Earth, which sounds pretty cool.

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