Levi.com Quietly Drops Google Checkout Due To A “Particular Issue”

MarketWatch reports that Levi Strauss & Co.’s has dropped the Google Checkout option from Levi.com, their main web site. Steve Davis, from the firm that Levi used to integrated Checkout, said they dropped it from Levi.com due to a “particular issue,” which was not disclosed (as far as I can tell). What is important to note is that Levi Strauss left Google Checkout on the dockers.com web site, so that issue couldn’t of been a huge one or even a global issue (I suspect). I personally have yet to implement Google Checkout on any site, so I cannot speak from experience here. The article does say that Levi.com will most likely add Google Checkout back after Google releases an updated version of feature, probably within a few weeks.

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