Third Click Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Google, But Does It Even Have A Chance?

Third Time’s a Charm? Google Sued for Click Fraud (Again)
from eWeek covers
Google being sued for click fraud again. This follows on the recent
settlement in
the Lane’s Gifts class action click fraud case, a settlement that makes it
questionable whether this new case will even succeed.

The Lane’s Gifts settlement resolved all click fraud claims against Google in
the United States excepted for parties that specifically opted out, which was
all of

556 advertisers
. I assume some of those parties are those taking part in a
unresolved click fraud case against Google, based out of Northern California.
This third case, to my understanding, will only be able to cover those who were
not parties to either the first resolved case or the second case already going
— which is going to be a small number, indeed.

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