Daily SearchCast, August 23, 2006: Is Google Bad For Other Businesses? Will Brazil Close Google’s Offices There? Isn’t Yahoo Coupon Finder Cool? And More!

Today’s search podcast covers whether Google is too dominant over businesses?
Will Brazil close Google’s offices there in a data dispute? Is Yahoo’s coupon
finder the coolest thing? The answer to these questions and more in this
exciting episode of the Daily SearchCast! (Trixie sold separately. All Rights
Reserved. Void where multilated by law).

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  • Aug. 23,
    2006 Search News Forecast: Mostly Sunny!

    It’s mellow. Techmeme’s mellow, my feeds are mellow, the search news feels
    calm. The Google-Brazil thing is getting more chatter, and the Microsoft-Facebook
    deal’s also getting chatter, and I’m sure some other items will come up. But I
    cautiously predict it will be mostly sunny in terms of search news….
  • Google’s
    Dominance Of Big & Small Companies

    Fortune has a nice write up they named “How Google can make – or break – your
    company.” Not only does this article go over how Google can break a small
    online retailer who depends on organic results, but also how they can break
    large firms like travel agencies, newspapers, realtors, advertising firms and
    software makers (even Microsoft). The article makes a good read if you have
    the time. If you have more time, also read Google Sees Content Deals As Key to
    Long-Term Growth at the Wall Street Journal, which explores more of Google’s
    future and how you may…

  • Google Bitches Day: Celebrating “victims” of the world’s biggest search
    , Valleywag

  • Google Bitch #2: The Wispy Web Startup
    , Valleywag

  • Google Bitch #3: Publisher’s Weakly
    , Valleywag

  • Brazil
    To Close Google Brazil’s Offices Over Orkut Issues?

    A post in our SEW Forums and a report from Xinhau says that Brazil’s federal
    prosecution service is moving to close Google’s operations in Brazil. So far,
    there is no other news about this that we’ve seen. An injunction is apparently
    being requested ordering the release of information from Orkut, with a threat
    for closure of Google’s Sao Paulo office if they don’t comply. Postscript From
    Danny: Reuters has a story up now here: Google refuses to hand over data to
    Brazilian authorities. It covers that prosecutors want permission to file a
    civil lawsuit against Google, with a $61 million…
  • Google
    Keynote Conversation, Part Two

    Today’s SearchDay article, CEO Schmidt: “Many People are Very Happy with
    Google Search”, continues Andrew Goodman’s coverage of Danny Sullivan’s
    keynote conversation with Google’s chief executive that began with yesterday’s
    Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message….
  • Facebook
    Partners With Microsoft In Ad Deal

    The New York Times reports that Microsoft is to provide and sell banner ads
    and sponsored ads on FaceBook, a popular social networking site “aimed
    primarily at college students.” The ads will be “graphical ad placements as
    well as automated text-based advertisements targeted to content, and over
    time, aggregate user behavior on an anonymous basis.” The Facebook deal is for
    three years and is at a smaller scale to Google’s MySpace deal….

  • Facebook Does Ad Deal, But Not With Google
    , TechCrunch
  • Hitwise:
    Google & Yahoo Make Tiny Gains In July 2006

    Today I look at figures from Hitwise, as part of my series on search engine
    rating figures that have recently been released and how to analyze them. For
    those just tuning in, on Monday, I covered comScore stats showing a Google
    decline in July 2006. On Tuesday, I talked about NetRatings also showing a
    decline, but a smaller one than comScore. The main point in both of those
    articles was to stress the need to look at data over a longer period of time
    than month-to-month and to examine figures from multiple services….
  • Gmail In

    Reuters reports that Google is releasing a localized Japanese-language version
    of Gmail in Japan today. I cannot find the URL to access it as of yet, but
    hopefully it will be announced shortly….
  • Why Canadians
    are the Best SEOs
    , SEOmoz
  • Say
    It Ain’t So, Dave (But We Won’t Believe You)
    , Daggle
  • Google
    Releases Google Base API

    The Google Code blog announced that Google Base now has an API. You can access
    the API’s details at http://code.google.com/apis/base/. The API is like other
    APIs in that you can now program your own applications to interact and
    interface with Google Base. So with this API you can create new Google Base
    data, edit, delete existing data, and query for data items. This can come in
    handy for retailers or anyone who wants data to be found within Google
  • Yahoo
    Adds Coupon Shortcut, Making Finding Coupons Easy

    Adam Viener of ReveNews.com discovered a Yahoo! Shortcut which gives searchers
    quick and easy access to coupon codes. Adam highlighted a search for kodak
    gallery coupon codes. Here are some other examples: circuit city coupon,
    vistaprint coupon, netflix coupon code, and dell coupon code. This is a great
    service for consumers who are spared the trouble of weeding through creatively
    written sponsored listings and pages of organic listings claiming to have the
    best coupons and then returning out of date deals. This is also a potential
    win for Yahoo! as affiliate revenue can add up pretty quickly….

  • NearbyNow Brings New ‘Inventory’ To Local Search

    The “holy grail” of online shopping is local inventory information.
    Paradoxical as it may sound I say that because the overwhelming majority of
    transactions occur in local stores and that isn’t going to change any time
    soon. Though e-commerce is growing fast, growing much faster is the influence
    of the Internet on offline transactions. Those Internet-influenced local
    transactions, worth more than $350 billion annually and climbing, typically
    start online in the form of price comparison shopping or product research….
  • My
    Nintendo DS Lite Enters The British Airways Lost Property Hell
    , Daggle
  • Search
    Medica – The GPs Search Engine

    Search Medica is a search engine that has been specifically designed for GPs
    (General Practitioners or Doctors) to use. Pulse, a UK weekly news magazine
    for doctors conducted research that seemed to suggest that doctors were
    unhappy with the results of the medical searches that they were running on
    traditional search engines. Consequently Search Medica has been produced in
    conjunction with doctors to provide them with a very specific and tailored
    search experience. It’s still in beta testing at the moment, so has lots of
    requests for feedback. Although I’ve only taken a brief look at it (and I’m
  • Google
    To Party At Worldcon: Shiny!

    Man. I wrote earlier of Google doing a recruitment and PR push at the Star
    Trek Convention last week. I joked about wishing I could go to that and this
    week’s Worldcon. Today, Google writes that it will be at Worldcon, recruiting
    and throwing a party as well. And they semi-taunt me about going in the post.
    Have a great time, everyone who is going. It’ll definitely be shiny….

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