Search Headlines & Links: August 24, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • Yahoo Search Integrates Flickr Images In Search Shortcuts
    The Yahoo Search Blog announced that they have integrated Flickr images into their search results. So a search on funny photos or travel photography would pull images from Flickr and then take you to a tag search at Flickr, if you so request. But what about Yahoo Images? Well, they still come up for some searches, I happen to be looking for an Windows XP logo today, and I searched on xp logo at Yahoo and got Yahoo Image results at the top, some may not be that appropriate. Also, typically a search on photos at [keyword here] would bring…
  • Dutch Farmers Site Loses Court Case Against Google
    Reuters reports that the Dutch farmer dating site has lost their court case in Amsterdam. The judge ruled that the keywords “farm” and “date” were too general. When Farm Date’s owner issued the complaint, they did so because ads come up for sex and pornographic sites, which they claim is “very damaging for Farmdate’s reputation.”…
  • Google Joins Coalitions To Fight Child Pornography
    The Google blog announced that Google has joined two coalitions to help protect children online. These coalitions combat child pornography and child exploitation on the Internet. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) release can be found here….
  • Yahoo’s Panama Release Coming Sooner Then Expected?
    Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers have been receiving emails from Yahoo urging them to update their profile information because their “account will soon be completely upgraded and redesigned, providing you with a number of advanced features that will help you better connect to Yahoo’s audience.” So should we expect that the delayed Panama release is to be expected early? I am not sure 100%, but more details at the Search Engine Roundtable….
  • Google Maps Inline With Search Results
    Philipp Lenssen spotted someone who captured Google inserting a plus sign in the search results, when you click on that plus sign, it opens up a Google Maps result. Earlier, we reported that Google displayed map results in the OneBox area. This application of the Google Maps product requires user action to click on the plus sign, which opens up the Maps result. I have tested this out on the query that generated this Google response but was unsuccessful in replicating its behavior on a Mac or PC (Firefox or IE)….
  • Hires Former PayPal CTO, Chuck Geiger
    Yesterday, hired Chuck Geiger, former CTO of PayPal, as executive vice president of technology and engineering. Mr. Geiger has 17 years of experience in the industry and, in addition to PayPal, has held senior positions at various technology companies, including, Travelocity and Gateway. Chuck Geiger will manage site engineering, IT and operations, quality assurance, data engineering, and program management for The full press release is pasted below….
  • Slower Posting Through Monday
    I’m away on a long weekend break from now through Monday, and Barry’s taking some more time on Friday and Monday, as well. So there will be posts, but perhaps not as much as usual. Then again, the search weather has been fairly sunny, so we encourage you to take some time off and for all news makers to have a good rest….
  • Mobile Search for TV Listings
    TV Guide and mobile local search content provider 4Info have teamed up to permit cellphone users to access TV Guide’s listings content via SMS or WAP. Here’s the announcement. This is obviously for people who MUST know when their favorite TV shows are on (but wouldn’t they already know?). While this is probably ultimately about PR and branding for TV Guide, it probably will get some usage. My question is: wouldn’t it just be easier to get a TiVo?…
  • B2B Case Studies: Good to the last drop
    How are business-to-business companies tapping into the B2B audience via search? For those who stayed to see the last session on the last day of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, there were plenty of lessons to be learned and examples to examine in the B2B Case Studies session moderated by Anne Kennedy, Managing Partner at Beyond Ink. Greg Jarboe was there and covered the session for today’s SearchDay article, Search Marketing Works for B2B, Too….

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