Search Headlines & Links: August 28, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • EBay-Google PPCall Deal: More Than Meets The Eye
    Barry posted earlier about the reported Google-eBay AdSense and “Click to Call” deal. The press stories were somewhat vague and incorrectly implied all elements of the deal to be international only. I subsequently got some clarity from Skype on the implementation. The big deal here is that this is PPCall coming to both Skype/eBay and Google in a potentially big way. The “Click to Call”/PPCall piece of the deal is U.S. only, to be implemented in mid ’07. It will then go international after that. Google and Skype are opening up both of their voice clients to PPCall — it’s…
  • Playing SEM with the Big Dogs
    Search marketing used to be a playground mostly for small and medium sized businesses with relatively modest budgets. But recently, larger players have entered the game, driving up costs and making it more expensive for smaller players to compete. But not to worry: At a recent Search Engine Strategies panel in San Jose, a number of savvy search marketers offered tips on how to level the playing field. Guest writer Patricia Hursh has coverage of the panel session in today’s SearchDay article, Winning Big With a Small Search Marketing Budget….
  • Google Sued Over Personalized Search Patent
    Yonhap News reports that Park & Opc Co., a South Korean ISP, is suing Google over a patent dispute. Park & Opc Co. claims they have a patent on personalized search that Google has violated….
  • Google Seeks Offices In Seattle Again
    The Seattle Pi reports that Google is seeking new office space in Seattle. Google is highly expected to sign a lease for Tower 333, a 430,000-square- foot office building that was formerly known as the Bellevue Technology Tower. They are reportedly looking to occupy seventy-five percent of that building. The Seattle Pi takes this office as an advance at encouraging Microsoft employees to jump ship to Google. As an FYI, Google has office space in Seattle, as Gary Price reported back in 2004….
  • Google Blogoscoped’s Philipp Lenssen Gets Married
    I just learned that Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped is a married man. Many of you know we often cite Philipp here, he often finds the latest and greatest with Google before anyone else does. You can see a picture of the happy couple, posted by Philipp here. If you wish to send a note to Philipp, you can do so at this thread….
  • eBay Signs International Paid Search Deal With Google
    The Wall Street Journal reports that eBay has reached a deal with Google to offer up paid search ads “on eBay’s auction web sites outside the U.S.” The multiyear deal is to begin in early 2007 and should include Click to Call features in some of the ads. In late May, we reported that eBay and Yahoo signed a deal, where Yahoo would be eBay’s “exclusive provider of graphical ads and Yahoo will promote eBay’s PayPal to its merchants and publishers.”…
  • Yahoo Removes Blog Search For Short Term
    The blog community is buzzing over Yahoo removing blog search, including removing the Yahoo News integration of blog search or even accessing blog search at Yahoo. What is up? Why did Yahoo remove it? The only official quote I have seen was captured by Greg Jarboe at SEO PR, where he has a quote from Brian Nelson of Yahoo who told Greg that this is a temporary thing. In an email sent from Brian to Greg, Brian said that Blog search has “temporarily taken offline to retool the offering.” Brian also adds that Yahoo “might be thinking bigger picture when…
  • Google Apps for Your Domain Live
    Google announced the official launch of Google Apps for Your Domain. Everyone is talking about how this is an enterprise solution because it allows companies use Google products, currently Gmail, Calendar, Page Creator and Talk on their own domain. You can expect many of Google’s other products to be rolled into this service, including Google Analytics, Google Notebook, Google Spreadsheets and others….
  • New Search Patent Filings: August 27, 2006 – Google’s Recommendations, IBM’s Speedier Pagerank, Napster’s Search
    Google looks at search history and user behavior to rerank results and offer ecommerce recommendations, provides a way to rewrite navigation on web pages for users of a proxy system to access the web, and shows some of the inner workings of Desktop Search. IBM was granted a patent based upon providing advertisements to people based upon sites that they have visited, another that allows people to download information from specified pages which can be indexed and searched locally, a way of speeding up pagerank, and a method for organizing bookmarks. Microsoft published a couple of patent applications, one which…

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