Update On Coupon Shortcut, Yahoo Adds Cheap Shortcut

Last week I told you about Yahoo’s new Coupon Shortcut. In that post, I said that the comments on Adam Viener’s Revenews post seem to suggest that Coupon Cabin is providing the coupon codes, but Chris Saito of Yahoo! Shopping told me that Yahoo! “aggregates coupons/rebates from multiple sources but hasn’t released specific partners.”

When I talked to Chris, he also alerted me to the new ‘cheap’ shortcut which highlights products which have been marked down in Yahoo! Shopping/Yahoo! Product Submit. Just search for ‘cheap [insert product]’. Here are some examples: cheap plasma tv, cheap shirts, cheap jeans.

The cheap shortcut is the latest example of vertical results (shopping) creeping (as Danny would say) into regular search results. If you’re a merchant, it’s more and more important to market through the shopping comparison engines. If you’re not using Yahoo! Product Submit/Yahoo! Shopping, you’re missing out on potentially valuable traffic from regular Yahoo! searches. If you’re not using Google Base, you’re missing out on potentially valuable traffic from regular Google searches. Everyone should be working on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), but don’t forget to test out the vertical search engines.

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