Windows Live QnA Beta Now Live

The Windows Live QnA Blog announced the other day that Windows Live QnA is now a public beta, meaning you can test it out yourself at Question and Answer search engines are now the new hot social search thing. Yahoo has been pouring money and promotions into Yahoo Answers and Google has their Google Answers product for a while. We covered QnA in the past, the first time was when they had a private beta and the second time is when we saw some screen captures posted. We may have a more detailed review on Windows Live QnA in the future, for now, you can play with it at

Postscript From Danny: I couldn’t help but laugh at the top question I saw when I popped in, which is better, window live QnA or Yahoo Answers?. And you’ve got to love that among the top superstars who answer questions is this person, yahoo_answers_sucks.

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