Yahoo ‘Goes’ for Windows Mobile

Yahoo announced today the availability of its Go bundle of services for Windows Mobile. According to the release, the content and applications available include: Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search (Local, Web and Image), Yahoo Photos, Yahoo Address Book and Calendar and Yahoo News and related content.

According to mobile analytics firm Telephia, 34.6 million U.S. wireless subscribers accessed the Internet from their mobile phones in June, 2006. Yahoo Mail was the number one mobile destination, while Yahoo Search was number 10:

1. Yahoo! Mail
2. The Weather Channel (
4. Google Search
5. MSN Hotmail
6. MapQuest
7. AOL Mail
8. CNN
9. Yahoo! Weather
10. Yahoo! Search

Although the mobile market is still young, the competition and adoption are both starting to accelerate. Mindful of what happened to most ISPs on the Internet (they were simply ignored by users, except for the bill), carriers are seeking to protect against “disintermediated” on the wireless web. Accordingly, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that U.S. carriers fear Google and Yahoo and are trying to work with smaller companies “that they can control.”

We’ll see whether that strategy will pay off given the enormous brand equity that Google and Yahoo have online. For their part Yahoo and Google have struck a number of deals with handset makers such as Motorola and Nokia.

The Yahoo Go initiative is about creating a unified experience across multiple platforms: mobile, PC, TV. Here’s SEW’s original post when the service first launched.

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