Search Headlines & Links: August 30, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Yahoo
    ‘Goes’ for Windows Mobile

    Yahoo announced today the availability of its Go bundle of services for
    Windows Mobile. According to the release, the content and applications
    available include: Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search (Local, Web and Image), Yahoo
    Photos, Yahoo Address Book and Calendar and Yahoo News and related content….
  • Matt
    Cutts & Vanessa Fox On WebmasterRadio.FM Thursday AT 1PM (PST)

    Vanessa Fox just posted at the Google Webmaster Central Blog that she and Matt
    Cutts of Google will be live on WebmasterRadio’s GoodKarma show with GoodROI
    (Greg Niland). You’ll be able to tune in tomorrow, Thursday at 1pm (PST) to
    hear Matt and Vanessa talk shop. Tune instructions at WebmasterRadio.FM….
  • Over 1.2
    Million Flickr Photos Tagged In 24 Hours

    Flickr geotagging has clearly taken off in a big way, with the FlickrBlog
    reporting that 1,234,384 photographs were geotagged in the first 24 hours of
    the service launching, with another 400,000 9 hours later. In general the
    service has been very well received and the ability to do more complex
    searches is a real bonus. However, there’s a fair amount of disappointment
    outside the US and Canada; the maps used for the service are poor at best,
    with very little detail, making the service close to unusable. I tried it
    myself and there are large tracts of nothing in the…
  • Internet
    Archive Suit Settled reported that the suit issued back in July 2005 over the Wayback
    Machine and the Internet Archive has now been settled. Of course, the terms of
    the settlement have not been released to the public. In short, there was a
    page archived by the Wayback Machine that had sensitive information on it, the
    Wayback Machine technically should not of indexed it but a “temporary bug” had
    it indexed for a bit. Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive said, “this is
    really a lawsuit between two parties and we got sort of dragged into it and
    I’m glad we’re now…
  • Yahoo
    Hiring Up All The Brains

    The Wall Street Journal published an article five days ago named Hoping to
    Overtake Its Rivals, Yahoo Stocks Up on Academics. The article describes how
    Yahoo is trying to compete with competitors by hiring up all the smartest
    people out there. About a year ago Danny wrote about The Google Battle For
    Hiring Tech Talent and if you are a SEW subscriber you can see all of Yahoo’s
    recent hires here. So for now, Yahoo’s plan is to hire very bright “Economists
    and Search Gurus” to get any edge they can against Google and MSN….
  • Google’s
    Accuracy Can Easily Cost Advertisers $285 Million

    Brandt Dainow has a interesting article named How Accurate is Google AdWords?
    In that article, he shows how Google has earned $6 billion from advertising
    during 2005 and $4.6 billion in the first two quarters of 2006. He explains
    that if the conservative estimate that 95% of Google’s revenue comes from
    AdWords, that puts Google’s income from AdWords last year at $5.7 billion and
    $4.37 billion in the first two quarters of 2006. Now, if Google’s statistical
    accuracy in detecting invalid clicks is 95%, which is pretty good, then they “mis-billed
    $285 million last year.” Read the full article at…
  • Windows
    Live QnA Beta Now Live

    The Windows Live QnA Blog announced the other day that Windows Live QnA is now
    a public beta, meaning you can test it out yourself at
    Question and Answer search engines are now the new hot social search thing.
    Yahoo has been pouring money and promotions into Yahoo Answers and Google has
    their Google Answers product for a while. We covered QnA in the past, the
    first time was when they had a private beta and the second time is when we saw
    some screen captures posted. We may have a more detailed review on Windows
    Live QnA in…
  • Download
    Books For Free From Google Book Search

    Google is now offering free, downloadable versions of public domain books that
    you can find in Google Book search. Unfortunately, there’s no way to browse
    through a directory of books that are available. However, you can keyword
    search for them easily, sort of….
  • Google
    CEO Eric Schmidt Joins Apple’s Board Of Directors

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s looking for another small company to help run —
    this time, Apple. He’s just been elected to Apple’s board of directors. Google
    CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt Joins Apple’s Board of Directors is the press release on
    the move, with these quotes from the two main men:…
  • Accoona
    Review In Ariadne

    Accoonawas recently reviewed in Ariadne magazine by me. (If you’re not
    familiar with Ariadne, it’s a quarterly online magazine aimed towards the UK
    academic market, but with a general wide appeal). I won’t go into the entire
    review since you can read it in the magazine but in brief I’m pleased with the
    recent developments of Accoona, particularly in the area of news and the easy
    ways in which searches can quickly be targetted by date, publisher, company,
    country and more. If Accoona has passed under your radar recently it may be
    worth another look, and if you’re in Europe…
  • Don’t
    Get Caught With Your Contracts Down

    Even if you’ve got great search marketing chops, you need to cover your bases
    with clients with both pricing and contracts. In today’s SearchDay article,
    Pricing Models for the Small SEM Shop, guest writer Christine Churchill has
    coverage of a recent SES conference where a number of experienced pros shared
    tips and insights on the mechanics of running a successful search marketing

  • Microsoft ContentAds Inviting Advertisers into Pilot

    Microsoft adCenter began inviting selected advertisers into the ContentAds
    pilot, which is expected to begin displaying contextual ads across selected
    MSN properties such as Real Estate and Money this fall. The text-based ads,
    which will be contextually targeted, also allow advertisers to target using
    both the demographics, geotargeting and incremental bidding tools. For all the
    scoop, please see…

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