Keywords In URL May Help Rankings, Google’s Matt Cutts Says

The hotly debated SEO topic of, does having keywords in your file names help with your rankings, will probably start all over again. Matt Cutts of Google wrote at his blog, and I quote;

Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the title of a post in the url; having keywords from the post title in the url also can help search engines judge the quality of a page.

Did Matt just say, that keywords repeated from the post title in the URL, can help “search engines judge the quality of a page.” Honestly, I have been listening to Matt talk in person, on radio, on video and on forums for a long, long time now and I have never seen him come out and say this. So what does that mean? Why would he come out and say this? I personally always felt the keywords in the URL help a bit, but how much was always my question. So I always tried to code client sites with the keywords from the title in the URL. But for Matt to point that out specifically, does that mean that it is more important than I, or you, originally thought?

Up for debate, and where else do debates work best than a discussion forum? Discuss it at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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