Flickr #1 Photography Site In UK

Hitwise is reporting that Flickr is the #1 photography site in the UK. This isn’t really a surprise at all – what’s more suprising is that it’s taken a while to get there, and how it’s got there.

Flickr’s UK market share has increased 39%, Photobucket’s share decreased by 17% and Webshot’s remained flat. This is apparently due good SEO and searches for soft porn using the brand name and various terms you can work out for yourself.

In some respects this is worthy of nothing more than a wry smile and shrug of the shoulders. Unfortunately however, this may be seen in some circles as a justification for the calls for libraries to limit their (innocent) involvement with Flickr.

As reported by Michael Stephens in ALA TechSource back in July various emails have been flying around making rather silly claims. While these emails seem to have been centered on American libraries it will be interesting to see if the same thing happens in the UK. I rather doubt that it will, but it’s worth watching out for. So, a slightly double edged sword for Flickr in Britain.

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