Search Headlines & Links: August 31, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Flickr
    #1 Photography Site In UK

    Hitwise is reporting that Flickr is the #1 photography site in the UK. This
    isn’t really a surprise at all – what’s more suprising is that it’s taken a
    while to get there, and how it’s got there. Flickr’s UK market share has
    increased 39%, Photobucket’s share decreased by 17% and Webshot’s remained
    flat. This is apparently due good SEO and searches for soft porn using the
    brand name and various terms you can work out for yourself. In some respects
    this is worthy of nothing more than a wry smile and shrug of the shoulders.
    Unfortunately however, this may…
  • When
    Good Search Bots go Bad

    Most people realize the importance of creating a search engine friendly site,
    but many don’t take the final step of assuring that search engine spiders or
    bots can fully access the site. Even worse, they fail to block bots from
    non-public parts of the site, or don’t recognize rogue bots that are crawling
    a site to steal content or for other nefarious reasons. In today’s SearchDay
    article, The Taming of the Bots, guest writer Tony Wright has coverage of a
    recent SES panel where search marketers and representatives from search
    engines offered tips on managing bots, whether their intent is…
  • Topix’s
    Cool Year-Long News Archive

    Somewhat lost among all the search news earlier this month was Topix and its
    launch of an awesome year-long news archive. It’s a great resource and much
    more than just a cool “click-o-gram” that you’ll see at the top of news search
    pages. News search engines typically only let you go back in time for about a
    month. After that, new stuff flows in and the old stuff moves out. That’s
    terrible if you want to find news articles about a particular event further
    back in time….
    Adds Emoticons Or Smiley To Smart Answers

    The Blog posted that they have added a new Smart Answer to their
    suitcase, it is called an emoticon or smiley. You know they look like, 🙂 or
    😉 or :D, you get my point. So now if you search on some of the more popular
    emoticon at you will get a Smart Answer….
  • Google
    Uses AdWords Conversion Data To Fight AdSense Fraud?

    ShoeMoney blogged that at the Arbitrage Issues session at SES San Jose, during
    Q&A time, Kim Malone of Google said that the AdSense team may use AdWords
    conversion data to determine which sites are trying to fraud advertisers and
    users (often named Made for AdSense sites – MFAs)….
  • Search
    Engines Handle No Index Inconsistently

    Matt Cutts has a nice illustrated survey of how various major search engines
    deal with the meta noindex tag in Handling noindex meta tags. He finds
    inconsistency, with this being the summary:…
  • Keywords
    In URL May Help Rankings, Google’s Matt Cutts Says

    The hotly debated SEO topic of, does having keywords in your file names help
    with your rankings, will probably start all over again. Matt Cutts of Google
    wrote at his blog, and I quote; Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the
    title of a post in the url; having keywords from the post title in the url
    also can help search engines judge the quality of a page….

  • Understanding

    Valleywag has an excellent Cheatsheet on What is Digg? Basically, if someone
    asks you what is Digg, just send them there. It describes the basics, how it
    works, how to break it, Digg’s competitors, the recent publicity on Digg, “How
    Digg fits the buzzwords,” oh and don’t say “I got digged,” I believe it is “I
    was dugg.” Full details on Digg at Valleywag….
  • Tips On
    Getting Listed In Local Search Results

    Patricia Hursh wrote a ClickZ column named Four Steps Every Business Can Take
    to Improve Local Search Results. The article goes over the what, why and how
    on Local Search. In short, how does one get included in the local results you
    see search engines providing? She recommends that you (1) update your business
    listings at Amacai, infoUSA, and Acxiom, (2) submit your site to local engines
    such as Google Local, MSN Local, Yahoo Local, Ask Local, and TrueLocal, (3)
    update your Internet Yellow Page listings at, Verizon
    SuperPages, and, and (4) make sure to have your address…
  • Google
    AdSense Sued by Suspended Publisher

    Steve Bryant at eWeek reports that a woman has sued Google after she was
    suspended from the program for clicking on her own ads. Theresa B. Bradley
    filed a lawsuit against Google for $250,000 for fraud and misrepresentation,
    even though she admits she clicked her own ads “to verify that the advertisers
    were not selling competing products”….

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