Search Headlines & Links: September 1, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
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From The SEW Blog…

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    Forums Roundup: Sept. 1, 2006

    Today’s SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links
    to this week’s hot topics from search engine forums across the web: TrueLocal
    Launches Canadian Local Search Engine – The Video Void: Where Are All The
    AdSense Video Ads? – Here Comes Social Media Optimization? – Google Apps for
    Your Domain, and more….
  • Google
    Images Labeler: Google’s Challenge To Flickr?

    Google Blogoscoped spotted the Google Image Labeler game, designed to help
    Google improve its image search results through tagging. It feels like a
    catch-up game with human-powered efforts that Yahoo is embracing via Flickr —
    plus it also looks pretty influenced by the work of Luis von Ahn and his ESP
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    Engine Roundtable Starts Podcast: The Search Pulse

    This is a self-promotional post but I wanted to let you know that I will be
    launching a new search podcast named The Search Pulse. The show is run in
    conjunction with WebmasterRadio.FM, much like the Daily SearchCast, but only
    once per week, on Tuesdays at 5PM (EST). The show will recap the most
    discussed and important topics within the search marketing community and have
    expert opinion and commentary from Ben Pfeiffer and Chris Boggs. The persona
    of the show will be a lot like Bill O’Reilly’s show but only on search. It
    should be one hour of deep discussion…
  • Google
    Modifies Navigational Search Results

    I reported this morning that Google has changed the way they handle
    navigational like searches. For example, if you do a search on a site’s name
    (i.e. navigational) you now get a different type of result set then you did a
    week or so ago….
  • Google
    Has 15 Days To Provide Data To Brazil Or Be Fined $23,000 Per Day

    AFP reports that Brazil has given Google Brazil 15 days to turn over the data
    on the Orkut users they have been asking for. If Google Brazil does not
    comply, they will be fining them $23,000 per day. Google has said that they
    would work with Brazil to shut down Orkut some communities but according to
    the court filing in Sao Paulo yesterday, those requirements have been
    ‘unsatisfactorily met.’…
  • Yahoo
    Tests Enhanced Yahoo Answers Integration In Search Results

    Threadwatch discovered Yahoo testing a new way of displaying Yahoo Answer
    results within the Yahoo Search results interface. The new interface is larger
    and more pronounced, but in the same location (under the main organic results)
    as before. Threadwatch posted a screen capture of this here. I have posted a
    comparison of the current integration of Yahoo Answers and the test
    integration of Yahoo Answers at the Search Engine Roundtable….
  • How
    Google Handles Accented Characters

    Last night WebmasterRadio.FM aired a show with Vanessa Fox and Matt Cutts of
    Google, they talked about so many good things including how Google handles
    accent characters (see archived MP3 here). Last night, Vanessa posted a more
    detailed explanation saying that a Mexico will return results for both
    “Mexico” and “México” and the same is if a searcher enters in México, Google
    will return results for both “Mexico” and “México.” It is clear that the
    results differ in ranking order, but what makes that order change – well, to
    me, it is not clear from the post. Vanessa also explains…

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