Search Headlines & Links: September 5, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Google
    Updates Terminology Of Last Visit Date In Cache Results

    Vanessa Fox posted an update at the Google Webmaster Central Blog on what the
    date and time displayed on the Google Cache page really means. The date
    displayed technically shows the last time Google “retrieved” data off the
    page, meaning if you have a page that hasn’t been updated, and Google visits
    the page and sees that it was not updated, then Google will not retrieve any
    new information from that page and it won’t update the date displayed on the
    cache page. Here is an example of the cache page of Search Engine Watch,
    carefully look at the date…
  • New Look Comes Out Of Beta

    Canada’s Yellow Pages Group took its new search-driven yellow pages redesign
    out of beta over the weekend. Here’s what we wrote when the new site initially
    launched. The press release outlines the new site’s features and capabilities.
    Yellow Pages Group also operates the popular voice-driven mobile local search
    portal “Hello Yellow,” as well as Canadian city guides and several
    vertical/classifieds sites. It is Canada’s monopoly yellow pages publisher.
    Local search competitor TrueLocal just launched a Canadian version of its site
    last week. You can read more on my blog….
  • Netscape
    Search Inserts Netscape News Above Web Results

    What’s this? Netscape Search has changed? So says Netscape’s Jason Calacanis.
    What’s new? From what Jason says and I can see, the big difference is that
    there’s a new “ results” section at the top of the page that shows
    you top voted stories from the Netscape community news service….
  • Google’s
    Click To Call In UK

    I reported yesterday that Google seems to have launched Click To Call in the
    UK. A search on jet2 should bring back an ad from Directline Holidays with a
    green phone, clicking on the phone will allow you to enter your phone number
    for a call back from that advertiser. Click to call was launched by Google in
    the US in February 2006. I have screen captures and more details at the Search
    Engine Roundtable….
  • Google
    Opens Tesseract OCR Software

    The Google Code Blog announced that Google has “re-released” the Tesseract OCR
    software to the open source community. OCR, optical character recognition, is
    the technology for converting text on a physical paper into computer based
    text. So if you have a ton of papers you typed up in your college days and you
    want them stored in digital format, you can use OCR to translate those
    documents for you….
  • Speakers
    Wanted For SES Multimedia & Mobile Edition 2006

    I’ve still got openings on a few panels for our SES Multimedia & Mobile
    Edition 2006 show this October in Los Angeles. In particular, I’m looking for
    those involved with mobile SEO, though I also have a space on our video SEO,
    image SEO and possibly the podcast SEO sessions. More details are here.
    Pitches are being taken through Thursday, September 7 (IE, get them to me
    before Friday, September 8)….
  • Bringo
    Click To Call Service Attempts To Help Consumers Foil Voice Response Systems

    If you’re a credit card issuer, a cell phone carrier or an airline you use IVR
    (interactive voice response) phone trees to resolve calls and avoid sending
    what you deem to be unnecessary calls to your call center. Live agents are
    expensive. But almost every consumer hates dealing with IVR systems. They’re
    often frustrating, don’t resolve issues and delay what consumers ultimately
    want, which is to talk to a live customer service agent….
  • Google
    To Fingerprint Voices With PC Microphones

    This weekend The Register published an article named Google developing
    eavesdropping software. The article describes how Google uses existing PC
    microphones fingerprinting technology to show relevant ads that appeal more to
    you. The article goes on to explain how the sound fingerprinting works; it
    “breaks sound into a five-second snippets to pick out audio from a TV,
    reducing the snippet to a digital “fingerprint”, which it matches on an
    internet server.” Privacy folks are worried about the repercussions of such
    software. Postscript Barry: I should link to Google Paper Explains Listening
    To Your TV Can Help It Put Ads &…
  • Yahoo
    Answers Launches In The UK

    The Guardian Unlimited reports that Yahoo, today, launched the Yahoo Answers
    product in the UK. The UK version is now available at
    and is also available on the left hand navigation of Yahoo UK’s home page.
    Reportedly, Yahoo will be launching a campaign around the Answers product in
    the that is the “largest advertising campaign in Britain since the dotcom
  • YouTube
    Hires Yahoo’s Treasurer, Gideon Yu reports on a Wall Street Journal story that YouTube has hired
    away Yahoo’s Treasurer, Gideon Yu. Gideon Yu is to begin working at YouTube
    this month, Yahoo said he “is taking advantage of what’s a good career
    opportunity for him to step up to another level.”…
  • Google
    Says They Will Give Brazil Orkut Data

    The Washington Post reports that Google will give over the Orkut data of
    specific users including; IP addresses with time and date stamps that can help
    trace a specific user and registration information including names and e-mail
    addresses. This comes after Brazil gave Google 15 days to comply or else be
    fined $23,000 per day….
  • New
    Engine ‘ChaCha’ Offers Real-Time Answers From Live ‘Guides’

    Part Wikipedia, part Yahoo Answers and part, ChaCha is a new search
    engine with a compelling hook – real-time results from human beings. The site
    launches (in “Alpha”) today and offers users two ways to search: traditional
    algorithmic results or help from live “guides.” Users interact with guides via
    an embedded instant messaging window in the search results page….

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