Search Headlines & Links: September 6, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
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From The SEW Blog…

  • August
    2006 Search News Recap Posted

    The latest edition of my monthly Search Engine Report newsletter is now
    online, recapping top stories in search from the past month. You can read it
    online or receive it via email for free by signing up here. If you’re a Search
    Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine Update newsletter has
    also been posted. That newsletter carries more items than the Search Engine
    Report newsletter and goes out twice per month….
  • Google
    Launches Mobile Ads On Google Mobile

    ClickZ reports that Google is now testing ads on Google Mobile. The ads are
    being tested in U.S., U.K. and in Germany and are priced similar to how normal
    AdWords ads are priced, based on auction. Google has a whole help section for
    Mobile Ads here. It explains what the ads look like; “Mobile ads contain two
    lines of text, with a limit of 12 or 18 characters per line, depending on the
    language in which you write your ad. Your destination URL appears on a third
    line if you choose to enter one. If you select the option that…
  • Top SEM
    Firm Mistakes

    Andy Beal wrote a blog post he named The Top 10 Business Mistakes Search
    Marketing Firms Make. The first mistake SEM firms make, according to Andy, is
    that they create a “set up fee” that is often not affordable for many
    companies, instead, he said, charge a set monthly fee with a X month
    commitment. The second mistake is “offering too many service options,”
    basically keep it simple. The third mistake is not building your SEM firm to
    scale beyond 5 to 10 employees, Andy gives some clues on how to make
    scalability happen. The fourth mistake is a mistake…

  • Microsoft Adds Behavioral Targeting Features To adCenter

    MediaPost reports that Microsoft has added behavioral targeting features to
    the adCenter product. Microsoft has broken down Internet surfers into 18
    audience segments including; mobile users, Internet power users, gamers, movie
    watchers, new/expecting moms, parents, and several categories encompassing
    travel searchers, and auto buyers and researchers. This now helps Microsoft
    stand apart from Google’s AdWords product and Yahoo’s Search Marketing
    product, PPC engines that currently do not have integrated behavioral
    targeting capabilities….

  • Classifieds A Big Gainer In Local Landscape

    comScore is reporting that the classifieds category is gaining very fast with
    47% annual traffic growth. Classifieds sites, as defined by comScore,
    collectively racked up 37.4 million monthly uniques in July. That’s 22%
    penetration of the total U.S. online population. As one might predict the
    category leader is Craigslist, which had 13.8 million users and experienced
    99% growth vs. the previous year. Only two sites grew faster than Craigslist
    on a percentage basis: LiveDeal (104%) and Oodle (463%)….
  • Google
    Now Searching 200 Years of News

    News search services like those offered by Yahoo, and Google are
    great for contemporary events, but none keep stories around for more than a
    month or so. You can search news going back from many sources farther than
    that, but all charge for access to read the articles. Google today has
    launched a hybrid news search service that searches back more than 20 decades,
    and offers both free and fee-based results. It’s an intriguing service, and
    I’ve got more details in today’s SearchDay article, Google Debuts 200 Year
    News Archive Search. Postscript From Danny: Expect us to do a…

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