Search Headlines & Links: September 7, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • RH
    Donnelley Buys LocalLaunch

    The press release has yet to come out but it’s official that RH Donnelley, the
    third largest US yellow pages publisher, has acquired local SEO/SEM firm
    LocalLaunch. That means is the only remaining major US
    publisher that has not acquired an SEM firm. SuperPages recently bought
    Inceptor and Yellow Book purchased ClickForward previously. I’ll do a more
    elaborate post on my blog later….
  • Google
    Protecting Itself Or Harming The “Innocent”

    Google blocking privacy technology over at Boing Boing has Cory Doctrow
    writing up how Google is blocking some proxy servers from making requests. An
    attempt by Google to stop those trying to protect themselves from prying eyes?
    Many have told him that it’s Google likely stopping automated request from
    proxies. That doesn’t let Google off the hook. Cory writes: But that doesn’t
    change the essential point: Google is fighting bots by compromising its users’
    privacy — the countermeasure is a form of punishing the innocent to get at
    the guilty. OK, Cory, let’s spin it around. Let’s say that…
  • ESPN To
    Manage Own Text Ads & Drop Yahoo reports that will be dropping Yahoo’s text ads from their
    site and replacing it with their own ads. will be using Quigo’s
    AdSonar product to manage the auctioning, keyword targeting and placement of
    the text ads on the site. AdWeek cites that ESPN may be making this move to
    keep a larger share of the ad dollar, where currently Yahoo may be taking 20%
    of the ad dollars made on the site….
  • Former
    Google UK Chief Kate Burns Joins AdLink Media Company

    Kate Burns, former Google managing director of UK, who has left Google in June
    for more family time, is reportedly joining a new firm named AdLink. Burns who
    previously worked for AltaVista was the first Google employee outside of the
    U.S. Why is Burns coming back so soon? Well she said she has “enjoyed a much
    needed break over the past couple of months” but she is “ready to return.”…
  • Borrell
    Bullish On Local Search Revenue Outlook

    According to an article in today’s MediaPost, Borrell Associates’ newest local
    forecast is quite upbeat about geotargeted ad growth across categories, but
    especially in paid search….
  • Digg To
    Change System To Stem Gaming; Top Digger Quits

    Kevin Ross, founder of, wrote that the algorithm, for
    ranking top stories on the home page and other category pages, will be
    changing. Why? Because of other bloggers beginning to publicize that digg is
    rigged or at least favors the top 30 or so users (diggers). This notice of an
    algorithmic change to come to has encouraged the top user,
    p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 to leave Digg with a comment he left here….
  • Google
    Wants To Launch Google Video In Japan

    Reuters reports that Google is eager to launch the Google Video product in
    Japan. Google Japan’s President Norio Murakami said, “We haven’t yet been able
    to introduce Google Video in Japan, and hope to do so soon. Going forward,
    Google’s services can’t work without cooperation from contents partners.” But
    it appears Google Japan is serious about launching Google Video in Japan
  • Matt
    Cutts Doll Gets New Clothes

    We mentioned in June how there’s an online Matt Cutts doll, where you can put
    some virtual clothing on Google spam fighter Matt Cutts. Good news, Matt fans.
    The Matt Cutts Doll has gained some new clothing, creator Evan Bailyn tells
    me. Among other things, you can now put him in a ninja outfit, a Hugh Hefner
    robe (completely with pipe), a Yahoo shirt (I think that’s new) or position
    him with his cat. No, you still can’t put him in a black hat nor switch him
    from being a briefs to a boxer guy….
  • Google
    Adjusts Minimum CPC Rates

    I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable this morning that Google has made
    some “minor” adjustments to their minimum CPC prices. In a WebmasterWorld
    thread, AdWordsAdvisor explained that Google has “rounded many of the minimum
    CPC amounts so that they’ll no longer appear as rather odd amounts.”
    AdWordsAdvisor continues to explain that this has an impact mostly ‘lower
    quality ads,’ ads with low CPC rates. Many AdWords customers have noticed that
    many of their keywords have dropped into the ‘inactive keywords’ bucket,
    resulting in lost traffic. I have more details at the Search Engine
  • How Top
    Agencies Leverage Video for Online Advertising Campaigns

    Search Engine Strategies has evolved from a conference focusing just about
    exclusively on organic optimization to a forum for discussing the wide range
    of options available to search marketers. A new panel at the recent San Jose
    conference looked at the opportunities available using online video. Guest
    writer Brooke Schumacher covered the session for today’s SearchDay article,
    Online Video Advertising Builds Momentum….
  • ‘Local
    Shopping’ Competition Intensifying

    Several years ago I was in a room with Chuck Davis, then CEO of BizRate (Shopzilla),
    and pitched him the idea of including local, offline store information in the
    company’s database. He cited the complexity of getting the local information
    and the absence of a competitive need for it at the time. Times have changed
    and local (together with “social shopping”) is the next frontier for
    comparison engines….

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