Google Sitelinks: New Name For Those Links Under The Top Listings

Last year, people started to
notice that
Google began showing "subtopic" or "subcategory" links below their listing, if
they were the first in a Google search. Now, Google’s finally confirmed the
change as a permanent feature and given it a name: sitelinks.

Here’s an example of sitelinks in action, which I
tapped into doing a search for


Notice how under the first result, there are a number of sub-listings, such

Software & Driver Downloads…/us/en/support.html

Contact HP


Small & Medium Business

Those are sitelinks, and now named via the

Information about Sitelinks
post at the Official Google Webmaster Central
Blog. Do the search, and you’ll see only the first result gets them (you’ll also
notice that Google is failing to remove the second
listing as it should — only one major listing per web site per
results page should be showing. I think there’s a bug, at the moment).

How do you get sitelinks? You have to be in the first position for a search. Aside
from that, whether they’ll still then show up and exactly which ones show, if
so, aren’t explained. Here’s the new

help page
on that.

Want some clues? Try looking at our
Google Web Site
Categories Explored
post from earlier this year.

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our

Getting New Sitelinks Under Your Top Listing At Google
thread at the Search
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