Looking Back At Search & 9/11

Five years ago, like so many, I was shocked and horrified by the events of
September 11. I spent the day uncertain of what to do, before running for the
cover of what I knew, looking at the search engines.
Disaster Coverage At Search Engines
illustrates how they reacted that day.
It underscored what I’ve long described as the great failure of Google then,
having to effectively tell people to go elsewhere for information while its web
search results were showing links with descriptions saying things like “View
from the WTCA Headquarters.” Since that time, the emergence of Google News as a
better resource, with improved integration into Google results, has helped.
The Effects Of
September 11 On The Leading Search Engine
from First Monday is another
excellent recap from 2001 that those thinking of past history will want to see.
Over at ResourceShelf, Gary Price has posted

9/11 Rememberances & Web Resources from Arlington County, VA Public Library &

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