YAT21L: Matt Cutts On SEO

The only problem with Matt Cutts
is that it gets harder and harder to remember all the great nuggets
he gives out. I want a chart! Maybe I’ll make one. In the meantime,

21 Great SEO Tips From Google’s Matt Cutts
from SEO Egghead is a nice
reference list of Cuttsian proclamations and wisdom over time. Spotted via SEO
Black Hat, which

not everyone might believe what Matt says. True, but it’s still nice
to know what he said, even if you want to view it with a critical eye. Oh, that
acronym? Tell you what? One good bit of link bait deserves another. Link to this
post if you think you know what it means. First person I spot with the right
answer, well, I’ll link to your explanation.

Postscript: And Razvan wins, first link with the right answer I’ve seen. Check out the explanation over there!

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