Yahoo Teams Up With Gore’s Current TV

The news is buzzing about the Current TV and Yahoo partnership. Current TV, founded by Al Gore, and Yahoo announced the launch of The Yahoo Current Network. This network is to “combine professional and user-generated video clips” reports the New York Times. The paper says each show will likely “be preceded by a 15- or 30-second commercial,” which is the first time Yahoo “included commercials with user-generated content.” TechCrunch notes that this video at Yahoo describes a bit more about how the shows will run, and it also describes “VC2,” viewer created content (i.e. user generated content). The user contributed videos can earn $100 for each chosen clip and if that clip is broadcast on Current’s television network, you can earn between $500 and $1,000, according to the New York Times.

This is all somewhat a bit interesting in the sense that Google has a long standing relationship with Current TV. They launched the Google Current (more also here) show on Current TV a bit back. Plus Al Gore has been an adviser to Google in the past. Gore said, “Yahoo is very different from Google. Yahoo for a long time has been much more in the media space.” Yahoo is a media company, Google is a search company.

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