Search Headlines & Links: September 21, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Nokia To
    Integrate Live Search Into Mobile Devices

    Echoing earlier deals with Yahoo and Google, Nokia, the world’s largest mobile
    handset maker, has said it will integrate Microsoft’s Live search into its
    mobile search offering. Here’s more from Reuters. The handset makers are doing
    deals with search brands, while the carriers (at least in the U.S.) are
    seeking to favor their own search solutions over Google and Yahoo for fear
    that they’ll be bypasssed, just as most Internet ISPs have been online….

  • Flickr/Zooomr/Photo Sharing Marketer Wanted

    I have exactly one spot left for a speaker at our SES Multimedia event
    happening in October in Los Angeles. I’m looking for someone who generates
    traffic via Flickr, Zooomr or other photo sharing sites to do a 15 minute
    presentation for our Images & Search Engines panel. I don’t need someone to
    talk about spider-based search engines. I’m covered on that front. Interested?
    Read the general speaking and pitching instructions here. Then get in touch by
    next Tuesday, September 24. The instructions say that all sessions are closed.
    That’s true — except for this one particular spot. So if…

  • KinderStart Issues An Amended Complaint Against Google

    Eric Goldman wrote that KinderStart has issued a 63 page second amended
    complaint against Google. KinderStart lost their first case against Google
    back in July of this year – that case was, in my opinion, ridiculous. This new
    complaint is even worse. The 43(B)log summarizes the complaints, calling many
    of them “incomprehensible.” Eric Goldman says “I expect Google will file a
    motion to dismiss, which the judge will grant, at least in part (at minimum,
    to eliminate the Violation of Free Speech claim). I expect Google to go on the
    counter-offensive and renew its anti-SLAPP motions.”…
  • Chicago
    Tribune Does Big Search Package

    The Chicago Tribune is running a big package on search today. There’s little
    new or suprrising for regular readers of this blog, but you might find it
    interesting to see how a mainstream newspaper tries to dive into the search
    wars. Gunning For Google hosts the package from there, you find…….
  • Google
    Book Search Adds “Find It At The Library” Link

    The Google Book Search blog announced a feature named “Find this book in a
    library.” How does it work? I went to a book and clicked on the Find this book
    in a library, which takes you to the OCLC Worldcat. Then you type in your
    postal code, state, province or country. I entered in a NYC zip code, 10010
    into the search box. Then I clicked on the first result and ended up at this
    page that showed me that the status is available. More details at Google Book
    Search Help Center….
  • Mining
    for SEO Gold in Search Engine Patents

    The major search engines are all frequent filers of patent applications. While
    most of these documents make for fascinating reading, do they offer any useful
    clues for optimizing web pages that might give search marketers an edge?
    Maybe, maybe not, said a panel at a recent Search Engine Strategies
    conference. Shari Thurow was there and has more on the session in today’s
    SearchDay article, Do Patents Point to SEO Gold?….
  • Bush Bio
    Changes For Miserable Failure Query Due To White House Change

    Since 2004, a search on Google and Yahoo for “miserable failure” has almost
    always ranked the the official George W. Bush biography tops. Link bombing, as
    I’ve covered here, caused it to happen. But yesterday, folks at Threadwatch
    spotted that it has changed. What happened? The White House moved the bio to a
    new page, which has caused the old page to disappear for that search
    temporarily. Now, at least for me, the bio is ranking tops again at a new
    location. The change is something a future president probably won’t like….
  • SideStep
    Launches Syndication Platform, Partners with

    SideStep today launched its syndication platform, “a simple and easily
    customizable platform that provides a consistent user experience between and partners who want to incorporate SideStep’s award winning
    travel search technology into their own sites.” While I’m still waiting for a
    strong API affiliate program from one of the travel search engines, this is a
    step in the right direction. Sure beats trying to compete with the OTAs
    (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz) on the pay per click (PPC) engines. In
    conjunction with the new syndication platform, SideStep announced its first
    partner,, which launched the luxury travel site

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