Google & Saturn Team Up On Video Ads, Google Earth Promotion

Marketing on Google: It’s Not Just Text Anymore
from the New York Times
covers how Google is partnering with a traditional ad company to do an
integrated campaign for General Motors, one that begins today to promote the
Saturn brand in Google Earth, video ads through Google AdSense For Content and
other unnamed Google products (fair to say, those old school text ads will be
part of it).

Meanwhile, Cameron Othuis

points out
how BMW is letting opportunities slip by in by overlooking paid
ads. Similarly, last month, Steve Plunkett dropped me an email where he was
amazed that Pontiac was running those TV ads we’ve
before about Googling them in his area but without paying more attention to the
organic results.

To prove his point, he created a

to rank well for

pontiac dealers dallas-ft.worth
at Google, which now ranks first. Of course,
that’s a lot of words, making it easier to rank. A search on

pontiac dallas
doesn’t list him, though

pontiac dealers dallas
does. While perhaps Pontiac could do more on the
organic side, they aren’t complete invisible — and that big fat paid link at
the top saying "The Official Pontiac Site" is pretty noticeable.

Postscript: See Google / Saturn Video Ad for an example of the landing page for the ads

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