Search Headlines & Links: September 25, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Microsoft Consolidates Platform, Portfolio In ‘Digital Advertising Solutions’

    Microsoft announced the launch of “Digital Advertising Solutions” and a
    related media campaign to promote it. What is “Digital Advertising Solitions?”
    It’s an effort to bring together, in one convenient buying environment,
    Microsoft’s extensive portfolio of consumer properties in gaming, mobile and
    online. According to the press release, “Microsoft Digital Advertising
    Solutions offers advertisers the ability to reach more than 465 million
    consumers each month across the MSN network and millions more through Windows
    Live, Xbox Live and Office Online. Microsoft’s advertising portfolio extends
    its reach across some of Microsoft’s latest releases such as Live Search and
    Live Local Search,…
  • Google
    Leads in Dead and Old Pages

    In Google Has the Largest Number of Dead and Old Pages, Ionut Alex. Chitu of
    the Google Operating System Blog points to a video, and some research from
    Google’s Ziv Bar-Yossef, which discusses how to grab a random sample of pages
    from major search engines, and extrapolate from those pages information about
    the search engines. This can be used in a number of ways……
  • Organic
    & Paid Search Conversion Metrics Similar

    ClickZ reports on a WebSideStory study that shows that organic search traffic
    realized a conversion rate of 3.13 percent while paid search traffic realized
    a conversion rate of 3.4 percent. The study covered 57 million search engine
    visits from “20 business-to-consumer e-commerce sites during the first eight
    months of 2006.” ClickZ notes that organic search traffic does tend to have a
    higher click rate (1.5 times higher than paid search volume)….
  • Google
    Displaying Really Long Site Descriptions?

    Philipp Lenssen spotted a screen capture of Google displaying a really long
    and extended description within the search results page for a search on [
    autoregistration]. I personally do not see the nine or so line description but
    Philipp posted a screen capture. Matt Cutts of Google commented saying he was
    also not able to “recreate those snippets,” so maybe a temporary Google bug,
    spyware, or a fake?…
  • Real
    Estate Search Engine Trulia Adds New Depth, Features

    As the housing market cools, the real estate vertical is heating up. Today,
    real estate search engine Trulia launched several new features, a week after
    Zillow introduced new functionality and about three weeks after Yahoo! Real
    Estate announced a range of new tools and a site redesign….
  • Pluggd
    Promises Podcast Concept Searching, But We Still Need Better Basic Keyword

    Pluggd to make podcasts chunkier, searchable at TechCrunch covers how podcast
    search service Pluggd plans to make it possible to search podcasts by concept,
    rather than keyword. That sounds cool, but there’s still some ways to go
    before I’m full of excitement….
  • Fortune
    Looks At Chaotic Google & Whether It Can Have A “Second Act”

    Chaos by design is a Fortune cover story on Google, covering the company’s
    fast-paced, seemingly disorganized approach to products and exploring if it
    can come up with a “second act” to please investors:…
  • Google’s
    Marissa Mayer Makes Newsweek Cover

    Via Valleywag, news that Google’s Marissa Mayer, vice president of search
    products & user experience, makes the cover of Newsweek and is named one of
    the most powerful women of her generation. Good luck trying to find the
    article on the horrible MSNBC-hosted Newsweek site itself. I finally gave us
    and did a regular Google search for marissa mayer newsweek sept. 25 to find it
    here: Leading the Way. Marissa comes up on page 5. Her home town paper gives
    her a write-up here: Wausau girl hits big-time, along with a larger version of
    the Newsweek cover….
  • Goodbye
    Froogle; Hello Google Product Results In Web Search

    Froogle, Google’s shopping search engine that launched with big hopes back in
    2002, is to be deemphasized in place of product listings integrated into
    regular Google search results….
  • Google
    Changes Mind, Posts Belgian Ruling

    Google has now posted the text of a Belgian ruling finding it violated
    copyright on the Google Belgium home page. The ruling has also been posted to
    the home pages of Google Images Belgium, Google News Belgium but not Google
    Groups Belgium….

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