Google Aims To Make More Energy Efficient Computers

A NY Times article shows how Google to Push for More Electrical Efficiency in PC. Why?

(1) “It’s like putting a 400-horsepower engine in every car, just because some cars have to tow large trailers every once in a while,” Mr. Calwell of Google said.

(2) “By deploying the new power supplies in 100 million desktop PC’s running eight hours a day, it will be possible to save 40 billion kilowatt-hours over three years, or more than $5 billion at California’s energy rates.”

(3) Because Search Companies Energetically Seeking Electricity

(4) Google’s Costs To Increase With Data Center Needs

Energy is expensive, making PCs consume less energy will save Google money.

Google is not the first ones to push the computer manufacturing industry to make more power efficient computers. 80 Plus and Ecos Consulting have done so in the past and they have been measuring “efficiency of computer power supplies” since 2003. Back then, none of the computers they tested met any “efficiency standard.” Today, they said there are 70 compliant designs from 15 to 20 manufacturers.

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