OneSky Jets Travel Search Engine For Private Jet Flights

Can’t afford your own private jet, like the
767 the Google
cofounders own
, but like the idea of flying privately?
OneSky is a new search engine allowing you
to book room on private jets between
destinations within the United
States. They tell me:

OneSky does not own or operate its own planes, but rather, it draws upon an
exclusive network of 150 Gold-rated charter operators who have an inventory of
over 1,500 jets which are carefully monitored for safety and security.

The CEO/Pres. Greg Johnson was formerly a logistics executive at FedEx, and
the Chairman, Trey Urbahn, was former CEO of both Priceline and FareChase.

A flight between San Francisco and Los Angeles would run $5,000 to $27,000,
in a quick check I did, so I don’t think I’ll be flying private any time soon 🙂

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