Search Headlines & Links: October 2, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Why
    IAC’s Pronto Will Succeed: Partnership With Ask

    There are many reasons to like Pronto among the many crawler based shopping
    search engines: – Comprehensiveness (read last week’s press release) –
    Upcoming features that provide a better user experience – Monetization through
    an ad system not called Google AdSense – Not relying solely on the PPC engines
    for traffic – Online ad market is hot and will continue to grow – Ecommerce is
    hot and will continue to grow While these things are the building blocks of a
    great new shopping service, they aren’t the be all, end all. Other companies
    can and will develop powerful crawling technology…
  • Need A
    Costume For Halloween? Try The CostumeZee Costume Search Engine!

    This is an entirely commercial operation, but with Halloween looming on the
    horizon, one that may prove useful. CostumeZee is a search engine that enables
    searchers to locate costumes for particular events, such as Halloween, or
    themes such as Pirates. Costumes for both children and adults are available,
    as well as appropriate accessories. The links do all seem to take searchers to
    American based sites however, so if you’re outside the US, order early and
    cross your fingers….
  • Amazon’s
    A9 Becomes, Well, Sort Of Nothing

    Amazon’s A9 saw the loss of its driving force Udi Manber to Google earlier
    this year. Now two years after its launch, A9 itself has lost virtually all of
    its  many of its distinguishing features, according to an update from the
    company, including:…

  • Copiepresse Upset Ruling On Google Wasn’t Visible Enough

    Last week, Google complied with a Belgian court order and posted the ruling
    against it in a copyright suit on the home page of Google Belgium and Google
    News Belgium, along with many other places including many search results
    pages. Now via Google Blogoscoped, news that the plaintiff in the case
    Copiepresse thinks the ruling should have gone at the top of the Google News
    Belgium page, rather than the bottom….
  • The
    Accent Is On Search

    An interesting article in Pandia about an overlooked area of search –
    Searching Google for words with accents. The bottom line is that it’s
    difficult and fiddly to do it, and it depends on a number of different factors
    that the searcher cannot control. Let’s take the example (as given) by Pandia
    for Mexico and México. A search will probably return sites that contain either
    word, but to force the engine to return hits with the accented version a
    search for +México will pretty much work (though there may be a few oddities
    caused by inbound links. However, results will…
  • Yahoo
    Hack Day’s Success & Yahoo Mail API Coming

    It sounds like Yahoo’s first open Hack Day was a big success, featuring even a
    performance by Beck. Yahoo’s Bradley Horowitz has a nice roundup in Yahoo Open
    Hack Day: Hell Yes!. TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington served at MC of the event,
    and All Women Team Takes Yahoo Hack Day Top Prize post covers the top winners,
    briefly. Meanwhile, Yahoo Mail introduces web APIs from Niall Kennedy covers
    how a new API for Yahoo Mail is coming, with commentary from others here on
  • Reading
    Other People’s Gmail Via Bloglines

    Using Bloglines to snoop on people’s private Gmail from Martin Belam looks at
    how he accidentally stumbled upon email feeds that individuals are posting to
    Bloglines. To be fair, it’s an issue that could happen to any “private” feed
    that someone unknowingly shares to the public….
  • Google
    Buys Birthplace Garage

    Google has purchased the garage where the company developed after its initial
    birth at Stanford University. Actually, they’ve purchased the home of Google
    vice president of product management Susan Wojcicki. Before she became a
    Google VP, Wojcicki rented the garage attached to her home to Google
    cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google buys garage that launched
    Internet’s top search engine from the Associated Press has details about the
    sale, which was probably in the $1.2 million range. As of yet, Google doesn’t
    know what exactly it may do with the home the article reports. It’s already a
    tourist attraction,…

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