vFlyer Seeks To Overcome Classifieds Fragmentation For Sellers

From a marketer’s point of view, one of the undesirable characteristics of the Internet in general and the local Internet in particular is audience fragmentation. Like other segments in local, classifieds are growing — dramatically according to comScore (99% year over year). The firm also shows 37.4 million users in July to 10 high-traffic “classifieds” sites. But, in reality, there are many millions more users going to sites not part of comScore’s segmentation that fall within the top three traditional newspaper “classifieds” categories — Jobs, Cars, Real Estate.

Craigslist has become the 800-pound gorilla in online classifieds. But there are many more sites out there that are meaningful in terms of traffic and value delivered to sellers. Reaching this disaggregated market can be time consuming and challenging.

A new site and service from a company called vFlyer seeks to provide tools and distribution to create better-looking ads, using pre-designed but customizable templates and one-click distribution to a broad range of sites (including Craigslist) — all free to sellers.

Each templated ad has a unique URL and is being optimized for SEO. So, effectively, these are microsites or landing pages for search distribution too. The business model isn’t fully baked, but largely based on advertising although premium services may be offered. Postlets is a competitor.

Here’s more on the company from the NY Times.

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