Search Headlines & Links: October 5, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Yahoo
    Gives Update On Site Explorer

    Site Explorer Authentication – Some Improvements and Notes from the Yahoo
    Search Blog gives an update, tips and some bug fixes for those making use of
    the service, especially focused on issues with authentication….
  • Google
    To Subpoena Yahoo, Microsoft For Info To Help In It Book Scanning Lawsuit

    Just in from Bloomberg, Google to Subpoena Yahoo, Microsoft on Book Scanning
    covers how Google hopes that gaining information from rival book scanning
    programs will help it defend itself in copyright lawsuits over its own
    scanning program. From the story: Google, which doesn’t disclose how many
    books it has scanned, also wants to know the title, authors and copyright
    status of books already offered through competitors’ book projects, according
    to the documents. The right to subpoena has been granted, but information is
    to be kept confidential and used only in the litigation….
  • Light
    Posting On Friday, Oct 6, 2006

    Barry Schwartz is off for Sukkot tomorrow, Friday, October 6 — and I’m away
    at the Frankfurt Book Fair. So the SEW Blog might have light posting!…
  • LiveDeal
    Partnership Moves: Vast, SimplyHired

    Within the past two days LiveDeal has announced two significant relationships:
    one with jobs metasearch engine SimplyHired and another, today, with general
    classifieds aggregator/search engine Vast….
  • Google
    Blog Search Adds Ping Support

    The Google Blog announced that Google Blog Search now supports the acceptance
    of pings. So when you add a new blog entry and you support RSS/XML/Atom you
    can send Google Blog Search a ping at their Blog Search Pinging Service. How
    do you do this? Well, you can read more at About Google Blog Search Pinging
    Service and view the Pinging API yourself. I tested it out on a different blog
    and got a 404, but it is very possible I pinged the wrong URL, I will test it
    again shortly. Postscript From Danny: Movable Type users want to put…
  • Google
    Won Keyword Trademark Lawsuit: Rescuecom v. Google reported last week that Google won a major sponsored keyword
    trademark case against Rescuecom. Judge Norman Mordue of U.S. District Court,
    northern district of New York, went “against all four precedent rulings” on
    this case, said Eric Goldman. Specifically, the court said, “Defendant’s
    internal use of plaintiff’s trademark trigger sponsored links is not a use of
    a trademark…because there is no allegation that defendant places plaintiff’s
    trademarks on any goods, containers, displays, or advertisements, or that its
    internal use is visible to the public.” Eric Goldman explained that the court
    used the 1-800 Contacts precedent in this case to…
  • Search
    Competition; Why Can’t Others Catch Up To Google? has a good article on search competition, explaining how
    Google’s continued growth amongst all the competition is practically
    unaffected. In short, the article goes over new features, refinements, and
    user interfaces and explains that it is mostly about the trust the searchers
    have for the Google brand to provide the best results. Take a look at Danny’s
    recent rant, he goes into this more and also check out Danny’s post on named Why Search Sucks & You Won’t Fix It The Way You Think. Want a
    view from a Google employee on the article, read Matt Cutts take…
  • Hello
    Natural Language Search, My Old Over-Hyped Search Friend

    This is a rant. It’s a rant from over 10 years of watching people trot out
    natural language search as the “killer” solution to the current state of
    search, something that’s happening once again with Powerset. That’s a search
    engine you can’t even use at the moment, but the hype will no doubt continue.
    To counteract that, my thoughts on and some history about natural language
  • USA
    Today Asks Teoma Who?

    The other day, was featured in a USA Today article named What’s Teoma,
    you ask? You could ask Jeeves, but he’s become … Teoma. Yes, a weird title
    for a USA Today post, in where USA Today goes into the past of Teoma, Ask
    Jeeves, Teoma, Rutgers, IBM and Apostolos Gerasoulis. The article is a fun
    read but it needs some clarifications that are either wrong or can be
    interpreted the wrong way. The article says, “Lanzone turned off Ask’s
    technology and began to power with Teoma.” Lanzone, being Jim, the new
    CEO of The time they…
  • Google
    Groups Beta 2006 Gets Mixed Reviews

    Google announced a new Google Groups Beta with a new design, added features
    and some shared features from other Google properties. In short, Google Groups
    has a new design, added Google Page like features, more customization
    abilities, file upload and sharing capabilities, member profile pages, Gmail-like
    “message cards for discussions” and more. Nathan Weinberg calls this a “step
    backwards” for Google Groups. As Nathan notes, Philipp Lenssen says there is
    too much confusion and inconsistency felt in the new design. Garett Rogers
    calls this upgrade an “better overall experience” for the Google Groups user.
    Finally, reports that it is…
  • Google
    Code Search Live, Offers Code Searching For Programmers

    Google Code Search is now live, a new service from Google designed to allow
    computer programmers and others seek out computer code from across the web….

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