Google Office? How About Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Now Launched

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Google’s taken its
online word processor, combined it with the Google Spreadsheets product
released in
June and put the two out in a combined new service called
Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Visit the site, and you can create a text document or spreadsheet depending
on your needs. Why not call it Google Office? Google told me they felt that name
already had obvious connotations of another product out there [IE, Microsoft
Office], and they wanted to underscore that this was a different creature.

Google also explained to me that these products aren’t likely to match many
of the features that mature software-based word processors or spreadsheets have.
This came up when I noted in
with Google Spreadsheets that sorting was too rudimentary for me.
Perhaps that will change, but the main point is that these online tools are not
meant as or expected to wholescale replace existing products. That doesn’t mean
they aren’t useful. Those with less intensive needs will likely find them
helpful, especially if you have to share and interact with others.

How about that name? A bit clunky? Google said they were happy with it being
descriptive and that no one would have any misconceptions about what’s offered.

Love the name Writely? Wish it well. That name is now retired. Google
Spreadsheets also sort of goes away, graduating from
Google Labs and losing its standalone
identity as it becomes part of the new service.

Interestingly, Google Docs & Spreadsheets hasn’t been added to the
Google Apps For Your Domain program
launched in

Want some reviews? Techmeme
recaps plenty of
people talking about them out there.

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