Bug Leaves Advertisers Unable To Change Ads On Yahoo

As I reported at reported at Search Engine Roundtable twice already, Yahoo has left their search advertising customers out to dry.

Advertisers and agencies are reporting they are unable to properly manage their accounts due to a 3+ day old bug in the Yahoo Search Marketing system.

Email responses back to Yahoo customers state that Yahoo is aware of the problem but have “no estimated date or time frame for the issue to be resolved.”

One person emailed Search Engine Watch saying, “Users are unable to view the remaining balance in their accounts, nor are we able to modify or add listings.”

Some of the Yahoo reps have been instructing clients to email them so that they can make the necessary changes for them. Just nuts! This must be something very serious for them to not be able to revert back to a previous coding state.

Having the same issue and want to discuss? Join our Search Engine Watch Forums thread, Yahoo PPC management crash.

Postscript: Yahoo commented at our forums saying it has been fixed.

We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties that were impacting the editorial tools in our search advertising UI but are happy to report that these systems are back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

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