Search Headlines & Links: October 12, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • New
    Interview on Belgian Press vs. Google News (Microsoft Next?)

    Sean Daly, from Groklaw, interviewed Margaret Boribon of Copiepresse on
    September 28th about their copyright lawsuit against Google, which targets the
    use of Belgian news in Google News, and cached copies of those articles. He
    has posted their discussion, in English and French, as well as some commentary
    and analysis of the litigation, including some late breaking news involving
    demands made by Copiepresse for MSN, and a potential new plaintiff. I’ve
    written a brief synopsis of some of the points she raises in the interview at
    SEO by the Sea. Danny also talked with Margaret Boribon earlier in
  • Google’s Down, Blogger Content Inaccessible

    It seems like most of the morning, Google’s Blogspot service that hosts
    Blogger blogs has been down. For example, I have been trying to access any of
    the various official Google blogs such as the main one here, and they all time
    out or return a 500 server error. The same is true for the Google Press Blog,
    as well as any site using the domain, it seems. FYI – it seems
    that is also down….
  • How To
    Make Custom Search Engine With Live Search

    The Live Search blog posted today tips on how to build a custom search engine
    that pulls pages back from sites you select. It seems very similar to when MSN
    Search added “Search Macros” at the end of March of this year. Yahoo Search
    Builder and Eureskter have similar offerings….
  • New Tool
    Measures Your Blog Juice

    Text Link Ads has released a new fun tool named Blog Juice Calculator. You
    basically enter in your site/blog URL, and it tells you have juicy your site
    is. Search Engine Watch is a whooping 8.8, the SEW Blog is an 8.6, my search
    blog is a 8.3. Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads told me, “Blog Juice calculates
    its score from Bloglines RSS subscriber data, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, and
    Technorati inlinks. It is not a perfectly accurate data tool but is fun to
    compare your blog to others in your vertical.”…
  • Google
    For Educators & Become A “Google Certified Teacher”

    Google has launched a special Google For Educators site with designed for
    teachers and educators. The site consolidates many of Google’s products in one
    area, where each product is pitched to educators with special guidance about
    how it might be used by teachers and educators. If you are an educator, you
    can become a “Google Certified Teacher” by attending the Google Teacher

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Joins Google Book Search Project

    University of Wisconsin-Madison is the next university to join Google’s Book
    Search Project. The University has one of the largest collections of
    historical documents and books in the US, accounting for about 7.2 million
    holdings. The University houses the famous Wisconsin Historical Society
    Library which is also part of this project. The University of
    Wisconsin-Madison has their release here and Google has their release here and
    Reuters has their article here….

  • Resources For Finding Statistics For Any Web Site

    Rand over at SEOMoz wrote an excellent post detailing all the different
    resources publicly available to gather statistical data on pretty much any web
    site out there. He breaks down the tools into several parts including
    “Technical Data,” “Ownership/Hosting Data,” “Statistics/Popularity Data,”
    “Search Engine Indexing Data,” “Link Data,” “Social Tagging Data,”
    “Third-Party Trust Metrics,” “Important Directory & Site Listings,” and “Press
    & Media Mentions.” This comprehensive list of resources is bookmark-worthy and
    I seriously hope Rand keeps this particular post up-to-date….
  • Bug
    Leaves Advertisers Unable To Change Ads On Yahoo

    As I reported at reported at Search Engine Roundtable twice already, Yahoo has
    left their search advertising customers out to dry. Advertisers and agencies
    are reporting they are unable to properly manage their accounts due to a 3+
    day old bug in the Yahoo Search Marketing system. Email responses back to
    Yahoo customers state that Yahoo is aware of the problem but have “no
    estimated date or time frame for the issue to be resolved.” One person emailed
    Search Engine Watch saying, “Users are unable to view the remaining balance in
    their accounts, nor are we able to modify or…
  • Ballmer:
    YouTube Overvalued & Google Transferring Wealth From Content Owners

    The Web According to Ballmer from BusinessWeek has Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
    questioning the value of the Google-YouTube deal and oddly warning that Google
    is transferring wealth away from rights holders. It’s an odd statement, since
    that’s what Microsoft wants to do as well….
  • Ask
    Mobile Search Launches has launched a mobile search product at or
    Ask Mobile is optimized for mobile devices and uses Skweezer throughout to
    improve readability and download speed on your mobile device. Navigating Ask
    Mobile was a pleasure on my Treo. You click on links, navigate to them, but
    especially nice is the ability to type in a number that corresponds to the
    link you want to navigate to….

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