Forget Elvis, Google Is Everywhere, Says The New York Times

Planet Google Wants You
from the New York Times looks at Google being
everywhere, as "ubiquitous as brushing your teeth." Actually, the Times didn’t
say that — it’s what
slipped out
in notes earlier this year on how Google was pitching itself to investment
analysts. In this article, tons of Google love of the type we used to hear back
in 2002 and 2003 on Google providing solutions that seemingly nobody else can
(often not true, just people who don’t know better). Plus, a look at how some
Google "disciples" are in denial that Google is a big megacorp these days (very
true). Now if Michael J. Fox is the evil anti-Elvis (who like Google,
is everywhere), I
just want to know who’s the evil anti-Google. It
sure ain’t Microsoft.

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