Search Headlines & Links: October 16, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • How Can
    Search Engines Rank Results? Let Bill Count The Ways

    20 Ways Search Engines May Rerank Search Results from Bill Slawski at SEO By
    The Sea looks at the many ways search engines can or could rank search results
    after an initial ranking has been determined. Duplicates might be dropped;
    personal data could influence results; country-specific targeting might happen
    among other things. Like that? Then you probably want to check out Search
    Engine Ranking Factors from SEOmoz. Written last year, it covers over 100
    factors that search engines might consider to do initial ranking. The main
    takeaway from me is that all these factors — pre- and post-ranking —
  • Goodbye
    Google Sandbox, Hello Google Minus Thirty Penalty

    The Google Sandbox concept used to be the idea that a new site couldn’t
    rank well on Google until a certain time period had passed. Over the past two
    years, it’s been debated, redefined, morphed and then largely something I’d
    say people have moved on from. Naturally, we need something else in its place
    — and the -30 penalty seems to be the likely candidate. Drop 30 Points in
    Google? Meet The “Minus Thirty” Penalty? over at Search Engine Roundtable
    covers how some people are saying they always rank at number 31 on Google,
    with their impression being that Google…
  • CBS News
    Partnering With Yahoo; CBS News Stories In Google Earth

    Yahoo adds CBS news to video lineup from the Associated Press covers how Yahoo
    News will be getting CBS News video clips from 14 local markets in the US to
    post to Yahoo News. Meanwhile, CBS Puts News on the Map Inside Google Earth
    from Micro Persuasion covers how CBS has a special feed (background here) that
    will plot CBS News stories within Google Earth. CBS appears to have been doing
    this since at least August, so it’s not new nor requiring a specific
    partnership to do, as with the Yahoo program.
  • Forget
    Elvis, Google Is Everywhere, Says The New York Times

    Planet Google Wants You from the New York Times looks at Google being
    everywhere, as “ubiquitous as brushing your teeth.” Actually, the Times didn’t
    say that — it’s what slipped out in notes earlier this year on how Google was
    pitching itself to investment analysts. In this article, tons of Google love
    of the type we used to hear back in 2002 and 2003 on Google providing
    solutions that seemingly nobody else can (often not true, just people who
    don’t know better). Plus, a look at how some Google “disciples” are in denial
    that Google is a big megacorp…

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