Search Headlines & Links: October 18, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
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From The SEW Blog…

  • Google
    AdWords Releases Website Optimizer for Advertisers

    Google AdWords has released a new tool for advertisers to enable them to
    easily test conversions on varying landing pages, headlines and ad copies. The
    tool then shows advertisers the testing results, including graphs, allowing
    them to chose the best converting ad options for their campaigns. Interested
    advertisers can sign up for the beta here, although only a small number of
    advertisers will be accepted. You can also learn more on the Inside AdWords

  • Mid-October 2006 Search News Recap Posted

    If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine
    Update newsletter has been posted. It recaps top stories in search from the
    first part of this month….
  • ResultR
    – One Search Many Useful Results

    ResultR is an interesting new search engine for a number of different reasons.
    However, the basics first – it’s a multi/meta search engine which pulls in
    results from a variety of other search engines which it displays grouped by
    engine, rather than de-duplicating and re-ranking results. Tabs allow searches
    across the web, news, blogs, social information, media, jobs, reference, local
    and shopping. It’s also possible to just limit a search to Google, Yahoo or
    MSN. The interesting thing is that it allows users to create their own
    multi/meta search engine from the 40+ options that they are offered by ResultR….
  • Google
    To Own 25% Of 2006 Online Ad Revenue

    An report estimates that Google will account for twenty-five
    percent of all online ad revenue. Google’s share continues to increase (65%
    increase YoY) while Yahoo’s growth continues to decrease, eMarketer says.
    Google first surpassed Yahoo in ad revenue back in 2005, but barely. Google in
    2006 is expected to earn over $4 billion in ad revenue but Yahoo has just $2.9
    billion according to….
  • Google
    Testing Cost Per Action (CPA) Model Content Ads?

    Threadwatch spotted a IT Pro article that claims some invites have gone out to
    publishers to test a new content ad system that works on a CPA (cost per
    action) model, as opposed to a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand)
    model. The article says, “The search engine has invited a number of web site
    owners to take part in the pilot programme that will see site owners getting
    extra payments if their visitors take some kind of beneficial action on the
    advertisers’ sites – such as buying a product or requesting further
    information.” Those invited have…

  • Microsoft Partners With Cornell University Library For Live Book Search

    The Live Search Blog announced that Microsoft has added Cornell University
    Library to their book search initiative. With the help of Kirtas Technologies
    to digitize up to 2,400 pages per hour, Microsoft and Cornell will be adding
    many public domain books to Live Book Search. More details are at this press
  • Yahoo
    Buzz Publishes Top 20 Misspelled Searches

    Spotted via Search Engine Journal, Yahoo Buzz released the top twenty
    misspelled keywords on Yahoo Search. Here are the top five: (1) Rachel Ray
    (Rachael Ray) (2) Tatoos (Tattoos) (3) Scarlett Johanson (Scarlett Johansson)
    (4) Wierd Al Yankovic (Weird Al Yankovic) (5) Evanesence (Evanescence) Top 20
    are at Yahoo Buzz….
  • A Look
    At Yahoo’s 3rd Quarter 2006 Earnings

    Yahoo announced 3rd quarter earnings yesterday, so I figured I share with you
    some highlights from the announcement. The main quote being pulled out was
    Terry Semel’s, “While we’re very excited about a number of things happening at
    Yahoo, I am not satisfied with our third quarter financial performance,” line.
    That along with falling $1.14 billion short of Wall Streets expectations in
    revenues earned and a drop in net income by 37.5 percent, has sent Yahoo’s
    stock downwards again. One highlight is that Yahoo finally released Panama. If
    you want a full written transcript of the conference call, you can…
  • Why
    Don’t External Site Popularity Estimates Add Up?

    A twofer today on whether you can trust the web metrics that are reported out
    there, one an article from BusinessWeek while the other is a big study from
    SEOmoz based on data gathered from a variety of search blogs. More details
    below, with lots of comments from me along the way….
  • Another
    Odd Post To An Official Google Blog Raises Security Concerns

    Does another odd post to one of Google official blogs mean Google losing it in
    terms of security? It spurred Michael Arrington to fire up a list over at
    TechCrunch of other security issues, a couple I wouldn’t agree were breaches.
    But I can add to the list as well, and there’s no doubt these type of things
    hurt Google when during its expansion, it needs all the goodwill and trust it
    can get….
  • Google’s
    Alternatives to Word and Excel

    Google recently opened up access to its Google Docs & Spreadsheets products to
    anyone who has a free Google account. Both products are well done, though each
    has limitations. Should you consider using them? In today’s SearchDay article,
    A Closer Look at Google Docs & Spreadsheets, I take a look at the new products
    and compare them with Microsoft’s Word and Excel….
  • Google
    Webmaster Tools Gain Crawl Charts, Enhanced Crawl Rate & Image Labeler Support

    Learn more about Googlebot’s crawl of your site and more! at the Official
    Google Webmaster Central Blog covers new features Google has added, visual
    charts to show Googlebot’s crawling activity, expanded crawl rate support,
    inclusion in the image search labeling program and number of URLs submitted. I
    talked with the Google Webmaster Central team earlier this week, and here are
    a few more details on some of the features. To see Googlebot activity reports,
    go to Google Webmaster Tools, choose one of the sites you’ve verified, then
    pick the “Crawl rate” option on the Diagnostics tab. You’ll get a…
  • Yahoo
    Releases New “Panama” Search Advertising System Early

    Yahoo’s long-anticipated next-generation search advertising platform, Panama,
    has now gone live. I’ve been at Yahoo for the past two days testing it and
    understanding how it works from those who built the new system. My raw notes
    are here on Search Engine Roundtable. Below are highlights of the new
  • Yahoo
    Reports 3rd Quarter 2006 Earnings

    Yahoo just posted their earnings report for the third quarter of 2006. You can
    download the report as a PDF from Yahoo’s site here. I did not read it yet,
    but I wanted to post the link to the release….

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